Grand Theft Auto V PC Trailer Coming 2nd April 2015, Will be 60FPS

Rockstar Games have announced that the official PC trailer for Grand Theft Auto V will be released on Tuesday 2nd April 2015 at 7:00 AM PST / 10:00 AM EST / 3:00 PM BST / 4:00 PM CET, and that it will run at 60FPS (Frames-Per-Second).

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decrypt1152d ago

Whats hilarious is the mentioning of "60fps" in recent headings when the PC is considered. We know 60fps on console is the holy grail and it gets even better for consolers when games run at 1080p and 60fps(hardly any demanding AAA game does this gen).

However associating 60fps and PC is just funny. 60fps is nothing extra ordinary on PC. Sure its a wet dream for consolers but really on PC its nothing amazing specially at 1080p. 60fps @ 4k yea thats when things get challenging.

m1armor1152d ago

tomayto, tomahto. Why you even mentioning consoles? Cant wait for that trailer though.

cayleee1152d ago

Maybe because consoles make 60fps look like this mountain of a task which just cant be attained. Hence 60fps is mentioned on and on again along with the PC too, when really 60fps is not a big deal when it comes to PC gaming.

RedDeadLB1152d ago

The thing is, most people still have 60Hz monitors and 60fps is still a standard.

Just relax dude. It's not important.

gamernova1152d ago

I hope this means they will keep the date. I can't wait to spend all that bonus cash on a sick outfit online :P

Sir_Simba1152d ago

You mean thurday the 2nd not tuesday. Just a little mistake