Is Crysis Trilogy/Remaster Coming?

It looks like Crytek might be working on a Crysis Trilogy of sorts, as someone was streaming Crysis 2 on PlayStation 4 earlier.

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ccgr1337d ago

Those games look great, do they even need a remaster?

Fro_xoxo1337d ago

they would only need a remaster on consoles.

Every dev/pusblisher is cashing in, others might as well.

Alexious1337d ago

Yeah, clearly Crytek thinks there's an opportunity here and I believe they are right.

Cindy-rella1337d ago

Id love a hd remaster of the crysis series on the ps4. Id buy it first day

Bdub20001337d ago

I hope not! This current generation of consoles would be a disservice to that graphical beast. Maybe next Gen, or at least after the developers can maximizethe current generations potential.

Nekroo911337d ago

Actually yes, they really need the money from a popular franchise.

Remember last year, when Crytek wasnt able to pay wages and had to close down 2 studios and gave up on Homefront 2, which looked great and recieved possitive impressions, Ryse sequel was dropped, etc

At this moments they are making money from cry engine 3 and that's all....

I like what ive seen from Hunt : Horrors of Guilded Age but im not sure if its going to sell well.

LavaLampGoo1337d ago

Think youre right, not the end of the world but I think theyre trying to bolster their coffers

Perjoss1337d ago

They still look great on PC, and I was pretty impressed with Crysis 1 for the 360, obviously not as good looking as the PC version but I think they did a great job with it considering.

Tsar4ever011337d ago (Edited 1337d ago )

Like the other guy said, the remastering is for the current consoles, The only conditions I'd buy the trilogy is if

1)It has to be a pc port, no upscaled last Gen console port, also they were built off the CryEngine3, and and also it must have all the missions intact. 2 levels were removed off the console port versions.

2)Please give us Crysis 1 expansion pack Crysis: Warhead, which is Psycho's mission on the other side of the island.

If crytek meet these conditions, I'd gladly purchase the trilogy.

One more thing, I highly doubt it'll be 60fps, 1080p/30 is more realistic.

RedDeadLB1337d ago

Crysis 1 and Warhead could use a remaster. When you go back to it, the textures are "meh" at best. Also, it's multithreading is appalling. If they do a PC remaster as well, I can't wait to see what DX11 could do to it.

Not to mention that 1 and Warhead are the best Crysis games of them all.

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MrSwankSinatra1337d ago

oh god no, please don't remaster these turds.

kaiserfranz1337d ago

Crysis 2 was way too linear, but Crysis 1&3 were really good.

WellyUK1337d ago

Tech pieces, not games.

Malphite1337d ago (Edited 1337d ago )

Have you even played the games? They are pretty good for the most part. Crysis 3 is actually really underrated imo. Funnily enough, I never speaked to someone who dislike it that much in person even though I know a lot of people that played the games. It's the same thing with the Order.

dcj05241337d ago

Crysis was fantastic. One could argue we wouldn't have games like farcry 3 without it.

Joda1337d ago

Then go play your fruity RPGs, some of us like good first person shooters.

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Jalva1337d ago (Edited 1337d ago )

Of course it is, gamers (especially the ones on this site) have made it very clear that they want to rebuy the same games over and over again.

Applejack1337d ago

It seems that way. I've heard of the Gears of War collection, Uncharted, Gravity Rush and now Crysis? All in the same week and there might be more.

spacewarrior11337d ago

in a way its annoying this gen is getting so many remasters but if we can get the best games on current gen consoles like Uncharted then thats great as i never need to even think about rebuying a PS3. i just wish there was more PS2 HD collections this gen. a GTA hd collection still needs to happen.

Perjoss1337d ago

The Gears rumour has already been debunked, they are "working on cool stuff in the gears universe but not a remaster of the older games".

kaiserfranz1337d ago

I'm generally against the remaster trend, but the Crysis games were really thought on PC and cut down heavily on the old consoles. This could be the chance for console gamers to.appreciate them in their actual glory.

ginsunuva1337d ago

If console gamers really cared about graphics they'd buy them on PC

lovethenoob1337d ago

Really hope this is true, had fun with all three titles (Crysis 1 being my favorite). I really dont mind these remaster titles as long as the price is reasonable

JeffGUNZ1337d ago

Who on earth is dying for this remaster? lol

Joda1337d ago

Me! That series is hot! I still play crysis 2 on x360. I Platinumed 1-3 on ps3. And 100% achievements on 2&3. I got no problem doing it again. I especially loved part 2 single player and multiplayer. It's like call of duty on speed, and all the maps are good. Skyline and wall street are my favorites.

JeffGUNZ1337d ago

I respect your love for it, I just couldn't get into it. Then for your sake, hope it happens!

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