WMD Forums turn into a mess as SM Studios begin removing users questioning direction of Project CARS

PretendRaceCars writes:"Another episode in the ongoing drama surrounding the experimental development cycle of Slightly Mad Studio’s new racer, Project CARS, highlights the internal problems occurring as the game nears its spring release date."

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FriedGoat1412d ago

It's a shame they have to remove features to hit their launch window.

Father__Merrin1412d ago

I hope they offer much improvement and free updates like polyphony digital do

weirdo1412d ago

stop trolling, this game looks incredible!

MysticStrummer1412d ago

You have an odd definition of trolling.

Volkama1412d ago

Should have banged out a cracking PC release as planned, and then worried about what they could fit in the console versions later.

Alarm bells started ringing as soon as the devs said both console versions would be 1080p60 along with all those promised features (damage). That was unrealistic, and cast doubt over every other promise they made.

Guess we'll find out just how much they have or haven't achieved if a couple if months.

radler1412d ago

I lost a lot of faith in them when after a prolonged period of incredibly slow development, they suddenly announce a free-to-play racing game that they'd been working on in secret while people who funded Project CARS were wondering why development on the game had slowed to a crawl.

They suddenly they reveal this free-to-play racer with a whole bunch of completed city tracks to race around in (while tracks in Project CARS had seen little to no updates for a long time) and it just comes across as slimy. They were obviously taking money from people and using it to make a different game entirely.

shloobmm31412d ago

I think you are underestimating the power of these consoles. Pc gaming has been under performing for years. With the cpu's and gpu's we have we should be getting some truly insane graphics but there has been a complete lack of optimization going on like 5 years now. These consoles should be able to run project cars maxxed without an issue and in 2 to 3 years they will. Project cars graphics should look mundane and old because technology has advanced like crazy and unfortunately developers haven't kept pace.

TheCommentator1412d ago

Forza 6 will do it no problem and Slightly Mad could've done it too with a little more time. Unfortunately, from a business standpoint, they have a budget and a deadline to meet which supercedes any goals they may have had.

Me-Time1412d ago

SMS could've done it with a little more time? Do you think this because of the support for consoles? How do you mean?

TheCommentator1412d ago

It all comes down to the publisher/developer relationship. The publisher has to weigh the profit margins against the development cycle, while the developer as to decide what might not make it into the title in order to satisfy the contractual agreement set forth by said publisher. It's all about the money...

Me-Time1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

I see what you mean about the money, but they're releasing it through Bandai Namco. The racing games they distribute are the like of Ridge Racer and Mario Kart arcade (

To diminish the effects of the visual damage model and simulation aspects (that were already in place) from a simulation-based game... I mean, they knew who they were getting in bed with when they became partners on this front.

The publisher is still SMS though.

TheCommentator1412d ago

They said it would be updated in post release patches, which is ultimately why I believe it's a time constraint. If some kind of coding issue prevents a feature from being implemented at launch, it seems likely the game will be updated. We all know what that philosophy did for Battlefield 3 though, so I'm hoping they do it in a timely fashion.

JackBNimble1412d ago

If the game isn't ready then it should be delayed then.

SMS is telling all of us that they are about to release an unfinished game and patch it later. That doesn't sit well with me and they will never have my support .

Just the ethics of such an action should turn any reasonable consumer away ... I will vote with my wallet.

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chasegarcia1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

I blame it on the multi-platform release. They went for quantity over quality. Game may still be good but, never as good as it could have been. Atleast nowadays they could technically patch it later after they get the $$$ they desperately want.

Me-Time1412d ago

I really don't think it's because it's a multi-platform game.

"Now, with the release only seven weeks away, users have begun questioning why the game’s comprehensive damage model has been almost entirely removed, as well as basic features required in a racing simulator, like DNF’s, caution flags, and AI that slows down to avoid incidents. SMS developers are now claiming basic features like these, pretty damn essential for a game of this caliber, will be included in 'post-release patches.'”

All except one or two of those things could be due to the game's widespread release on multiple platforms. One of them is the reduction in heavy damage (visually) and the other could be the AI part. There have been games in the past with great AI. Enthusia Professional Racing is a PS2 with great AI.

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