IGN: American McGee's Grimm Hands-On

American McGee's Grimm appears as a kind of twisted take on Katamari Damacy. While controlling protagonist Grimm, a crusty-looking, bearded gent of diminutive stature, you'll run and jump around small arenas, putrefying the saccharine elements of popular fairy tales and infusing ominous and disturbing tones more in line with the tales' original forms.

The name in the title, American McGee, can be attributed to games like Doom II and Quake back in his id Software days, and to his own projects like Alice and the poorly received Bad Day L.A. This time around McGee and Shanghai-based development studio Spicy Horse are moving into episodic content with Grimm, which is scheduled to be released in bite-sized portions with the weekly regularity of network television shows.

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