Xbox One 2014 Sales Overview - 7.68M Units Sold, 39.64M Games Sold

VGChartz Writes: "Let’s take a look at the hardware sales of the Xbox One. Microsoft’s 8th generation home consoles sold 7.68 million units worldwide in 2014 to bring its lifetime sales up to 10.75 million units. Hardware sales in 2014 were up 149.7 percent year-over-year. That is not surprising as the Xbox One was only out in two months in 2013.

The Xbox One sold 4.38 million units during the two months where the console got a $50 price cut in the US. That accounts for 40.7 percent of the total sales for the entire year. December was the biggest month for the console where it sold 2.27 million units, followed by November where it sold 2.12 million units.

Hardware sales also more than tripled in September to 842,882 units, when compared to August thanks to the release of Destiny. The lowest month of sales was in May when it sold just 171,008 units."

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cellode934d ago

Excellent numbers for the Xbox One. The graph really does show how effective the price cut and bundles helped drive the sales of the console during the holidays.

trunkswd934d ago

Agreed. The price cut did an amazing job of pushing Xbox One sales. At least in the US. I'm surprised Microsoft didn't cut the price anywhere else to help increase sales even more.

cellode934d ago

I expect Microsoft to drop the price in the rest of the world soon if the sales are not good. But if sales are alright, I expect a price during the holidays.

trunkswd934d ago

@Cellode - Yes that does make sense. The Xbox One has done great in the US and good in the UK. It is the rest of the world where the console is struggling. It is basically dead in Japan.

cellode934d ago


I don't see a price cut helping in Japan, but it should help boost sales in Europe and other english speaking countries. The only way the Xbox One can sell alright in Japan is with the release of many Japanese oriented games.

Death934d ago

First off, it's VGC so take any numbers/estimates with a grain of salt.

Second, the numbers increased due to holiday sales. Surely the price cut helped, but I wouldn't use the data to determine effectiveness of the price cut.

Foehammer934d ago


Good to see couple of exclusives, TitanFall and TMCC selling well.

Vg says X1 has done about 40% better than 360

Future looks good for x1

ABizzel1933d ago


There's no other big markets where they can nab a win except maybe China.

It's pointless in many of those regions, because the PS4 is outselling them 3:1, 4:1, and even 5:1 in some regions (5:1 is insane to me). After the holidays PS4 and XBO were neck and neck in the US, and the PS4 overtook XBO again in the UK.

NA and UK are the main regions for the Xbox brand, and it doesn't make sense to cut the profit you're earning in all regions, when you're still going to be stomped. An official worldwide price drop down to $349 should happen this year for the XBO, but I also expect it from the PS4 as well, so once again there's really no point.

They just have to make sure they're cheaper in the US and UK each holiday season and have some good exclusives to carry them through they year (which seems to be their strategy, and congrats on it working for them).

SilentNegotiator933d ago (Edited 933d ago )

What you guys are seeing on the chart is a typical holiday time spike, partially affected by the price drop and multiple-games bundles. You can't give all credit for the Sept-Dec increase in sales to a price cut.

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tekksin934d ago

[Excellent numbers]

PlayStation 4 2014 Sales Overview - 13.65M Units Sold, 73.28M Games Sold

[/Excellent numbers]

Magicite933d ago

Last two months were an unexpected comeback, lets see how it fares in January and 2015Q1.

thehitman1398932d ago

Lol, playstation sold over 4 million in the same time frame WITH OUT a price cut. You guys will reach for anything. So sad.

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DarkOcelet934d ago (Edited 934d ago )

Not bad. The price cut did make a major difference.

cellode934d ago

Yeah it did. Sales increased 4x from October to November. The price cut, bundles and Halo: MCC did the trick to increase sales.

trunkswd934d ago

@DarkOcelet - Off the top of my head Microsoft has Halo 5, Forza 6, Quantum Break and Fable Legends.

trunkswd934d ago

Yeah Xbox One sales were as low as the Wii U as some points, but since the price cut sales have been a lot closer to the PS4 than the Wii U. It won't catch the PS4, but it will now put up good numbers.

cellode934d ago

That does make sense and I do agree. I don't think the Xbox One will ever catch the PS4. Possibly match it in the US, but that is it. Though, a price cut for the PlayStation 4 this holiday season will push sales to new level.s

DarkOcelet934d ago

Lets just hope they announce more 1st party exclusives and hopefully Single player ones because they concentrate abit too much on Multiplayer.

bleedsoe9mm934d ago

4.38 million units in 2 months , i guess its pretty understandable why MS concentrates on the holiday season

medman933d ago

And yet, Sony still outsold them globally in those months. So you're saying no games for 8 months is fine with you, only to get a few solid titles in the last four months of the year?? Coming from a current 360 owner, ps4, and ps3 owner, with a wii u and xbone in his future at some point in 2015....Microsoft needs to do a better job spreading their releases out throughout the year. It's been that way for quite some time now.

RiseofScorpio933d ago

How is there "no games" stop acting as if exclusives are the only thing to play on a console.

Quicktim3933d ago


people always seem to forget that

ps4 owners had plenty of great games to play in 2014

same for xb1 owners this spring

ScorpiusX934d ago

Great now give me window 10 , so I can have my ecosystem ready come holidays.

trunkswd934d ago (Edited 934d ago )

Edit - Commented on wrong post.

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