With PlayStation Now, Sony proves that game streaming works

When Sony launched its PlayStation Now service as a beta last year, the ridiculous per-game rental pricing structure stopped many people from giving it any serious consideration almost immediately. Last week, though, the service graduated from beta with a more feasible all-you-can-play subscription plan. Suddenly this was an opportunity. Has the idea of running games on remote servers advanced at all since OnLive's ahead-of-its-time launch back in 2010?

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SilentNegotiator1272d ago

It's fine, but I would never want to rely on streaming for my main source of games.

bmf73641272d ago

Give it time. Netflix wasn't an instant hit

SilentNegotiator1272d ago

I don't rely on Netflix for my main source of movies/TV, either, so...

XisThatKid1271d ago

A friend and me had a blast playin Dead Island Riptide for that free week. I'm def going to subscribe sometime soon.

Kurisu1272d ago

Give me a shout when it's available to try out in the UK.

GribbleGrunger1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

I'm looking forward to trying it myself although I can't see myself using it permanently.

MasterCornholio1272d ago

Same here. I would love to see if it works but im not really interested in paying a subscription fee to play a limited library of games. Once they build it up enough I might consider it.

Kurisu1272d ago

Yeah, same here. Hopefully we get a free trial.

GribbleGrunger1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

This service is about broadening the hardware capable of delivering PS branded games and I have both a PS4 and a PS3. Anyone with only a PS4 or a Vita will likely stick with it but I think that market will eventually buried by a much bigger market of PCs, laptops, phones, TVs and Blu-ray players.

EvilWay1272d ago

For people with the required Internet and capabilities. I have a few friends who never owned a PS3 and would love this service but they have data caps and can not use this service at all. It is a good service now that I have used it myself but it is not available for everyone which is the problem

Tiqila1272d ago

Well, when the iphone was announced people said it will never be successful without a physical keyboard. Should they have included it just because not everyone was ready for pure touchscreen devices? I think not. It will not take too long before everyone can afford a respectable internet connection, we will see a lot more of streaming technology in the future.

uth111272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

It will take too long, when Verizon stopped rolling out FiOS, other providers are talking throttling or data caps, and people in rural locations depend on satellite internet which has too much latency for a service like this.

Neonridr1272d ago

that was a poor analogy to what EvilWay said Tiqila. He was specifically referring to data caps. Your comparison to a smartphone's virtual keyboard is like apples and oranges.

If you pay $30 a month for your internet and you are data capped, it's up to the ISP's to provide a more affordable internet option. My cable company has been raising rates each and every year, not lowering them.

I'm capped at 150GB per month for example, so I can't stream as much as I want, without facing a penalty.

SegaGamer1272d ago

It won't take too long ? hasn't it been long enough ? It's 2015 and reliable Internet is still not common enough.

ApolloTheBoss1272d ago

Depends on your connection.

freshslicepizza1272d ago

true, which is explained in the article. they suggest 9 mbps download speeds or higher to get the best experience.

this is the future of gaming.

pkb791272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

My internet is far lower, a draw back from living in the middle of no where, but it streamed games just fine
I would still prefer true backward compatible but then how would game publishers milk money out of hd remakes.

SegaGamer1272d ago

Well that is me screwed then. The max i can get in my area is 7.6mbps.

Summons751272d ago

Provided you have income enough to pay for the ridiculously high subscription, the money to afford internet providers ridiculously high internet rates (Looking at you Time Warner), and the ability to accept that you will have to play laggy games and will never be able to own them as apposed to going to gamestop and picking up the majority of the games for 2/3 bucks in the used bins. Then clearly it works.....

Drithe1272d ago

I agree. This service sucks. Not owning games sucks. This service is dead in the water.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1271d ago

Why is it dead in the water? Playstation Now will co-exist with gaming consoles it's not going to replace consoles until every gamer can afford high bandwidth/high speed internet.

BoNeSaW231271d ago

Somebody call Sony and tell them to pull the plug on their $380 million dollar investment. Drithe has declared NOW "dead in the water" because he can't afford "ridiculously high internet rates".

360ICE1272d ago

I can't comment on PS Now, but I think we can all unite in our mutual hatred for cable companies.

uth111272d ago

I predict net neutrality will make things worse.

360ICE1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

We've had net neutrality since the dawn of the Internet, and so has every other country. Only difference is that it's being taken away to give cable companies even more power.

eferreira1272d ago

Ummm no, I tried like 10 different games on a wireless connection and detected no lag. Also gamestop/eb games does not sell the majority of games for like 2/3 dollars. Maybe if you've gone there more than once a year you'd see.

If everyone thought like you we wouldn't have great services like netflix, hulu plus and many of those music streaming services.

Price is much for what you get. 15 a month isn't expensive. You probably pay that alone for your Mc Donalds. There are plenty of other internet service providers that offer cheaper rates like tech savy and have great speeds.

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