Loadout On PS4 Will Be Updated To Run At 1080p And 60fps In February

Edge of Reality's free-to-pla y multiplayer third-person shooter Loadout will be soon receiving the 1080p and 60 frames per second treatment.

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Snookies121053d ago

Nice! I should grab this up, played some on PC and enjoyed it. I'm not really big into multi-player shooters, but it's got a fun style about it.

aCasualGamer1053d ago

Don't download it.

I did. When i tried to uninstall it my PS4 crashed. Now, it doesn't matter how many times i try to uninstall it, it doesn't allow me.

GarrusVakarian1053d ago (Edited 1053d ago )

I uninstalled it without issue.

So maybe he should download it?

Which should he choose?!?!?

aCasualGamer1053d ago

Good for you.

I on the other hand have had many issues with the game. Both in game and then when i tried to uninstall it.

ziggurcat1053d ago (Edited 1053d ago )


somehow, i don't believe your story. there has never been a case of anyone's console crashing trying to uninstall a game.

if you are actually being truthful (though i seriously doubt you are), you can try rebuilding the database in safe mode.

Snookies121053d ago (Edited 1053d ago )

@ziggurcat - Actually that's false. I had a bad install with Binding of Isaac (it kept giving me an error when I tried to play it, so I attempted to uninstall it) and it caused my system to freeze to the point where I had to unplug it to get it to turn off. aCasualGamer, if you still can't uninstall it the regular way, go into your settings and find where the game applications are. It should be under system storage or something. Delete it in there, and re-download it. That fixed my issue with Isaac. :]

KwietStorm1053d ago

Ok well then "good for you" too, because I never had your problems, so you can't just tell someone else not to download it, as if you're the standard.

PainUzumaki1053d ago

Happened to a couple times to me too but when I deleted the whole game I reinstalled it and re updated it again and had no problems ever since

hamody1053d ago

Yes he is right it crashed my system when i was trying ti uninstall it ..

Charybdis1053d ago (Edited 1053d ago )

@ acasualgamer
Always sucks to have a bug. Don't think its a common issue if you have time you can also check the forums for help or to report the issue

aCasualGamer1053d ago (Edited 1053d ago )


I did go into system storage, that's where the crash happened. PS4 rebooted and an error report popped up. Next time i tried to delete it, the system rebooted again.

Third time and every time since, the system acts as if it uninstalled it, but the game and filesize is still there on the list in system storage.

The logo on the XMB for Loadout was deleted, but it was only the logo. There is still an icon of a PS4 controller within the slot.

I've already reported this to Sony support and the game developers.

No response.


thanks for the info

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emilijo7771053d ago

Quote from article :

"GamingBolt’s Oliver VanDervoort reviewed the PS4 version back in December last year and found Loadout to be a fun-filled game with tons of customization options. The game is now available on the PS4 and Xbox One."

LOL! Game doesn't exist for Xbone.

xSHADOWx1053d ago

IKR hahahaha.
Call yourselves gaming journalists.


Qrphe1053d ago

But being uninformed and unprofessional IS a trait of "videogames journalism. "

DanielGearSolid1053d ago

Yea i noticed that too


q8kik1053d ago

Why ask when you can try it for free ?

DanielGearSolid1053d ago

Co-op isnt bad

VS mode sucks in my opinion

Ppl just spam jumping and rockets

Testfire1053d ago

Its fun. Good customization and there's a try before you buy on weapon customization. A nice change of pace from military shooters.

Viryu1053d ago

O.O Loadout had co-op?