Online Solution for Renting FFXIII? has translated what was discussed at Square Enix's recent stockholders meeting in Japan. Near the end of the meeting there was a short question and answer period, in which Square Enix President Yoichi Wada took part in:

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beast3693d ago (Edited 3693d ago )

You loose money when hard copy is sitting on the stand. But if you use online download media, there is no investment of packaging and Blu-ray disk cost, PLUS you cant rent online games . So the future in gaming might just be online games download atleast in some aspect ie activation of games or even download patch to activate a game. All this wont work because not all have internet.

Blackcanary3693d ago

Thats true but is there any other way around it?

Sangria3693d ago

The question is: what is the link with Final Fantasy XIII? There's no size limitation on Playstation Store, but it's not sane to make a several-GB game on PSN, and i really don't think (or hope) FFXIII or FFvsXIII will be 4-5 GB.

So in my opinion, there is a misunderstanding in what Yoichi Wada said, maybe Square Enix have plans with Playstation Store but it has no link with FFXIII.

ki03653693d ago

renting is all that can work with gigantic games. hard drives break too often to put everything you own onto it.

Isaac3693d ago

It will not be. They will simply require you to activate your copy through PSN. That way you can always use FFXIII but only with your PSN. Which is lame because if I want to lend the game to a friend he will not be able to, or even my roommate. Square Enix loves the fact that there is no piracy on PS3 and will not be for a long time (which is also incentive for them to make the game way bigger than a DVD9), and they want to squeeze as much money from FFXIII as they can, which is not allowing but one PSN tag to play the game. If anyone wants to play, they will have to pay full price.

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Le-mo3693d ago

Sounds like a good plan to me. Fans of the series will buy a copy and keep it, others will might want to rent it and they can do so by downloading the game online for a period of time. But then again, the file will be huge.

Isaac3693d ago (Edited 3693d ago )

Did you read the article? They are not gonna rent 50 GB worth of information, they will simply combine the disc with an online solution, which is simply registration your FFXIII copy through PSN, a sort of DRM. By the time FFXIII comes out, there will be plenty of PSN users anyway, it does not matter if "not all have internet". Most people do, who the hell puts a PS3 over internet in their priority list anyway? Having internet is not a luxury anymore, like cars and cellphones (unless you live in a third world country =( ). I do not doubt that the next consoles will be completely online, or at least that they will have the option for every game to be released online.

Asurastrike3693d ago

I better be able to get a physical copy. God, SE is so money hungry.

GodofPeace3693d ago

I will not download a game that is going to above 15 gigs of memory that would be RETARDED. Obviously its not going to happen

Seraphim3693d ago

1. This makes absolute sense since every rental is profit for the rental company, not the developer. And between rentals and used games sales these developers are losing A LOT of sales. This is just a way to tap into additional resources you'd otherwise be losing from rentals.

2. Sega Channel. Remember it anyone? That was the best thing to happen to gaming period. $10-20 [?] a month for 50ish titles that you could play anytime, anyday, and the list changed monthly w/ popular titles often coming back the following month. So why not offer some sort of online rental service for games?

The only thing I can't grasp is the price and time limits. To be a viable option for those who have an internet connection this service has to be comparable to or cheaper than traditional rentals.

So how do you go about finding the price point that competes w/ rentals?

- $15 a month to target gamefly and dust conventional rental stores?
- $5 per 25 [or X] hours of play?
- $10 for two weeks?

that's the only possible downfall that I see. Because if the value and reason isn't there people will continue to turn to already available methods for renting...

Anyway it's a great idea for them to gain revenue off the game. They'd still be selling hard copies to those who want it while appealing to those who want to rent it instead of buying it or rent it to see if they want to buy it. Perhaps they could rent it and if you choose to buy it give it to gamers at a discount. X dollars for rental minus X dollars for digital download equals a better price than buying it retail...

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