The Ultimate Firmware 2.40 In-Game XMB Guide

XTREME PS3 have compiled a detailed list of all the XMB features you can access in-game using PS3 Firmware 2.40, complete with screenshots and video.

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Nitrowolf23667d ago

i have to say that the vibration and the controller assigned are pretty use less to use when you access the XMB
just push and hold the dam button. But its and alright guide

QueefyB3666d ago

i think its helpful like the man hiphopgamer said the xmb is dope

iAmPS33667d ago

I like this guide, will help a lot of people.

Angelitos3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

Poor Xbots

Poor Xbots, Ultimate Firmware 2.40 In-Game XMB Guide, is just the beginning for the apocalypse for the XBL. Poor Xbots, when HOME releases, people will switch from waiting their fixme dvd player returning fom M$, to spending some sweet time in HOME.

Poor Xbots

Sez 3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

poor sonyfanboys claiming trophies are better but don't support older games. and a gimped firmware thats been taken down until further notices. yeah 2.40 is so much better.

juuken3667d ago

Poor vega...rehashing the same arguments over and over again. Poor vega, claiming that he has a PS3 and yet he finds every single PS3 article to sh*t on.

Poor vega...such a sad, sad little boy.

Shane Kim3666d ago

Vega are you stupid? How can you like my machine? Its just written fail all over it. Im going to beg on my knees and hope Sony want to employ me.

rbrtchng3666d ago

At least PS3 does support older games.

360 can't even play original Xbox's games.

Sez 3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

ahh poor sonyfanboys. whats the matter you sound upset. it must really hurt your hearts to know that i own a ps3 and like the 360 way better. PSN is garbage but FREE. trophies is a joke because it's HALF-ASSED. the firmware is gimped. an the best part it took 2 years just to get a HALF-ASS wannbe copy of live to the market. wow sony you are the best at copying and implementing things half-ass. look at the sixaxis (copy of the wii-mote) how many games support this feature? only a handfull. sounds famillar? sure it does it the same thing they are doing with trophies.why just so sony can say.look we have motion-controls like the wii. and now we have trophies and some of the things MS offer with LIVE. sony's motto should be JACK OF ALL TRADES, MASTER OF NONE.

pumpkinpunker3666d ago

so pathetic when sony fanboys brag about a faulty update that is bricking PS3s and was pulled because of this.

it must really suck to own a $500 hunk of crap that's online service is years behind the times and keeps trying to catch up. the lag on PSN is a joke. i've watched it firsthand. I will never, ever buy a ps3. I have a friend who has one and I feel bad for him. i wonder if PS3 fanboys even know or care to recognize that for the most part xbox live is lag free and you don't have to sit around for 10 seconds everytime you switch screens.

you think I just bought an xbox cause I love microsoft? i don't care about microsoft. no, i watched both consoles in action and chose the far superior one even though I knew I'd have to pay 4 bucks a month for online multiplayer.

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aiphanes3667d ago

Since a lot of people still dont have 2.40...they will now know what to do..and expect..

Omegasyde3667d ago

I understand 2.4 is the beginning of something beautiful,however I really wish they would of waited a month or so for more games to implement the features like trophies and in game music.

Its cool having the tool, but with no game to utilize the music option its like dangling a horse in front of the carrots mouth. Same goes for Trophies, with just one game support.

I guess I am one of the few whom would of rather waited to get more than just monkeybars in the sandbox ;) BRING ON THE SWINGSET!

Bob Dole3666d ago

Hehehe you said dangling a horse in front of the carrots mouth :D

QueefyB3666d ago

first hello bob dole how are you doing

second to omegasyde you must be very powerful like kratos to dangle a horse

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