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TheSaint1285d ago

I did when he was console only, now he's a PC player it would seem.

dreamoner1285d ago

He was always a PC first player. He had xbox 360 and no ps3. Now he has both ps4 and xbone along with da PC. While I don't mind anyone playing games on consoles and count myself a PC player; he's a lot more diverse and plays most genres of games as well, far off from being a PC fanboy.

UltraNova1284d ago (Edited 1284d ago )



Maybe I'm missing something here...

TheSaint1284d ago


Where did I say PC fanboy?

And you agreed with me that he was 360 first and this gen he got a PC, so I guess I was right all along.

dreamoner1284d ago


You misunderstood. He had PC and xbox 360 to begin with. I don't know exactly which one he had first since I don't know him personally but I'm pretty sure he was a PC gamer to begin with based on his favorite games and such. f.i. he always says he's a sucker for 4X strategy games.

I didn't intended "PC fanboy" thing as a reply to you, was just making a point that he plays most games on most platforms.

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KiwiViper851285d ago

Great list Joe, seems like a win for the new consoles. Only Amazing Spiderman 2, which I agree is really Bad, but I still enjoyed my time with it.

Xristo1285d ago

Honest list. Happy he didn't go all stupid and pick AAA games just because they were "disappointing" to him. This list is truly full of suck haha.

hkgamer1285d ago

not sure if it was a collaboration or something, but using other peoples videos in your top 10 is just lazy.

i dont watch his live streams or anything like that so im not sure what he has been upto, but he has been lacking in 2014 reviews.

did he even play all those games in that top 10?

Relientk771285d ago

Guess I gotta find 45 minutes so I can watch this

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The story is too old to be commented.