Firmware 2.4 is not back online

TalkPlayStation.come writes:"There is a report going round saying that Firmware 2.4 has been put back online and ready to download again. This is false news because i've just tried it myself and told other people to try and no success."

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REPLOID243694d ago

my PS3 had 360'd on me.

pharmd3694d ago

man on man, this is worse than a hollywood relationship....

either it is, or it isnt, make up ur damn minds!!!!!

glad i got mine already:P

whoelse3694d ago

So they were just lieing to get hits?

AmaziN3694d ago

YEs your right, they lied to get visitors... why lie because vistors wont trust the sites news again because they lied to get visitors.

DavidMacDougall3694d ago

Good thing i never read the full storys

sajj3163694d ago

Anything that relates to PS firmware should be double checked on the official PS Blogs before being approved.

Kirstenlottesovs3694d ago

I dont think they just lied.. If you look back at the other comments, there actually are some ppl downloading it.. So maybe its just not up everywhere yet?

Lumbo3694d ago

You mean there is ONE who CLAIMS downloading it ...
I see a difference there :p

LeShin3694d ago

ah....the gotta love it..

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The story is too old to be commented.