Create Your Own Character from 5 Races in Dragon Ball Xenoverse

Each race has its own unique characteristics that gives it advantages and disadvantages over others.

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OmegaShen1150d ago

My only problems with this game is the controls for combat and dumb ai teammates.

Why isn't Androids getting a race?

TonyBest1001150d ago

Because Android and Human are near-identical, appearance wise.

CorndogBurglar1150d ago (Edited 1150d ago )

Saiyans and humans look almost identical too though. As long as the make the creation tool have different enough looking clothing and things like that then looks shouldn't matter.

Either way, I'm going either Namekian or Frieza clan.

OmegaShen1150d ago

I'll rent this, but I'll make m/f of all races that I can. I just miss the budokai tenkaichi controls.

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GokuSolosAll1150d ago

Can they just name Cooler's damn species already? Wasn't really necessary at first but with Frieza, Cold, Cooler, Chilled, and Kuriza I think it's about time.

XtraTrstrL1150d ago

Hmm, I wonder what race I'd choose.

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