DriveClub revisited: is dynamic weather a game-changer?

Digital Foundry re-assesses Evolution's PS4 debut in the wake of this week's spectacular upgrade.

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Septic1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

Well the benefits to visuals aside (and DC really does look jaw-droppingly good with these weather effects) weather can literally change the game due to the physics based action. Playing online with players sliding all over the place and fighting for grip is brilliant. Adds a whole new layer to racing.

"Unlike many games, DriveClub uses individual droplet particles to represent the rain. Each particle is impacted by the game's motion blur system, giving the impression of long, vertical streaks while driving"

This is crazy and you can tell the difference especially when comparing it to Horizon 2, which looks great too but not as good as this.

chaldo1230d ago

Going to pick this up now, and play it on my xperia z3! :D

Question - Was there a huge sale for this game on black friday that I missed out on? :(

JMaine5181230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

You can get it on amazon for $34.99
DriveClub (PlayStation 4) by Sony Computer Entertainment

BTW I'm tempted to pick it up at that price but I'm have such a backlog that by the time I catch up the ps plus edition will be out. So I'll just wait.

Septic1230d ago

"Question - Was there a huge sale for this game on black friday that I missed out on? :("

Not sure about the game itself (I expect it to be discounted) but the game was bundled with a lot of PS4's for sale. You can probably pick it up for cheap considering Xmas sales and stuff.

thanhgee1230d ago

NPD is released in about 11 hours so we'll see.

amiga-man1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

Absolutely a game changer, the weather update adds a truly remarkable and believable graphics upgrade, it isn't just a visual upgrade the racing dynamics are also suitably affected making the racing far more precarious and challenging.

A fine upgrade to what was already a superb racing experience.

Wh15ky1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

It was just the bundle (in UK).

I bought it, had a few games of Drive Club when I first got it home, thought it was pretty good but hadn't returned to it till two nights ago when I heard about this update.

The graphics in the rain are incredible, I've never seen anything like it and the handling and sense of speed is really cool. Still pretty rubbish at it, but getting better.

Watched a guy on Playstation Live last night doing time trial on the same track over and over again in the MacLaren P1 in the rain trying to beat his time. The speed was incredible, I must have lost over half an hour just mesmerised by his skills.

nX1230d ago

It's definately a game-changer, I'd even say that it should be re-reviewed by websites at this point. It's GOTY material by now, crazy what Evolution achieved during the last 2 months.

Dee_911230d ago

I actually think the gran turismo 5 demo had better rain on the windshield
GT5 had great rain but the pixelation kinda killed it for me.
In DC its kinda like gt6 with the big rain droplets.

TheTwelve1230d ago

<---- also a Z3 owner. =)

4me21230d ago

..."(did) I missed out on? :("

Yes you did. DriveClub was free when one bought Xperia Z3.(T-Mobile USA)

thekhurg1230d ago

To those that have it. That weather system seems broken in the videos. You literally can barely see anything while the AI is just racing ahead. Was that a fluke, or is the AI not impaired by vision issues to the weather conditions?

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uth111230d ago

I didn't see this article mention it, but heavy rain will actually make the streams rise in DC. I suppose if you wait long enough. portions of the track will flood out

G20WLY1229d ago

^There's no "yeah, no" about it fella, what uth11 said is a fact. They demonstrated this in a time lapse video about 3 months ago.

I'd find you the link, but I have a feeling it would be a waste of time...

ExtoVert1230d ago

I really want to see cockpit view using Morpheus. Just imagine looking around inside ur car, the back sit, and looking through the middle console for enough change for a cheeseburger at BK.

Magicite1230d ago

horizon has no advantages besides being open-world, and yeah it already has been forgotten.

KiwiViper851230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

So does every game almost 3 months after release.

The only reason people are talking about driveclub is because its finally a complete game. Give it a couple weeks and it will be forgotten again, until the PS+ Version hits the headlines.

Edit: Also FH2 has deep car customisation and tuning. Don't forget about that little feature.

Eejanaika1229d ago

Horizon has no advantages? Way wrong lol.

tgunzz1230d ago

Good update for the driveclub gamer... Enjoy!

marinelife91230d ago

I just picked it up earlier this week and it is really fun. Set it on dynamic weather with time rate set to 60 to really have a blast.

BallsEye1230d ago

The rain effect looks great, but would be better if they actually add car customization or so. You know, things that actually make a game.

gameslayer24111230d ago

You do realize that some of the best racing games of the last generation had little to no car customization and are still some of the best racers to date? Since when does customization make the game?

Gemmol1230d ago


Mario Kart Wii U says hi to your response and metacritic agree since it have highest score for racing game this gen, I could be wrong, I have not check xbox best racer to see if that comment true on metacritic, but usually their game get good ratings.....but regardless Mario Kart got a lot of customization and they adding more with the next DLC for next can you say no to customization, I guess when other companies do it they do not do it properly so maybe thats why you said that

Giantbomb821229d ago

N4G in a nutshell. Hilarious. "Droplet particles" and "Blur system" Horizon 2 just can't compare. Because Solid game play, good driving and open world; all that is meaningless. What matters is how it looks. The Order:1886 will be the "Drive Club" of 3rd person shooters. Like a polished Turd. Looks great, but nothing else. And Infamous looks great too, and is far superior to That silly Sunset Overdrive. Because all that cartoon game does is play great. Who cares about that? N4G community never disappoints to entertain. I love It!!

G20WLY1229d ago

GTAV has open world racing covered until they bring a proper next gen only open world racer out.

Maybe Forza Horizon 3, maybe Drive Club 2, maybe something different.

No open world driving game so far has managed to avoid those awful floaty car physics though, in my opinion. At least DC physics are tight and the weather update just shows them off in all their glory!

Off topic: ^ You like the look of polished turds? lmao :D

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littlezizu1230d ago

Yes, its awesome currently and online issues which plagued it on launch is resolved now. Gaming site should re-review driveclub.

Septic1230d ago

I don't think they should. A game should be working and complete when it is released. Re-reviews just give more of a reason for devs to release broken/unfinished games.

JMaine5181230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

I agree. I have no problems with sites revisiting games like df did. But don't change the score weeks or months after realease.

SniperControl1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

"Re-reviews just give more of a reason for devs to release broken/unfinished games."

I get what you are saying and totally agree with you, but didnt polygon(i think) mark down DC on a re-review due to on line issues?

Didnt the same happen for MCC on another website due to it's online issues.

DC is a dramatically different game now than it was upon release, i just feel that many gamers are missing out on a very good game because of the original reviews(which the game rightfully deserved)

Bennibop1230d ago

I believe they should review again, they gave it a 6 and said it lacked passion (which it obviously did not/does not.) I believe that Driveclub was unfairly compared to Forza Horizon 2 when both games are trying to achieve different things. For me Driveclub has been my favourite game of the year (I also own FH2,) it is so addictive and so quick.

G20WLY1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

I agree, but at the same time, consider all the people that will get a PS4 for Christmas.

If they read reviews from launch they might believe it's 6-7/10, as was justifiable at the time. With the online improvements and the recent additions, any reviewer looking at the game afresh would certainly arrive at a higher score.

People might choose not to buy this due to launch reviews. While it might send a message to the developers to get it right first time or risk sales being impacted, gamers could miss out on a stunning driving experience.

It's a tough one, ripe for debate. :)

uth111230d ago

I think if a review takes points off for launch issues, they should re-review, reviews are written for future buyers- people who will buy the game after the launch issues are resolved, They won't care if a game was a broken mess at install if it runs fine now.

opoikl1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

Yes and no for the reasons stated above. GT5 2.0 was also miles ahead of its launch edition but didn't get re-reviews either. In hindsight, GT5 2.0 can really be seen as the definitive racing game for last gen, but going by the reviews for the game one would think it's an incoherent mess of a game.

N4g_null1230d ago

If sony is smart they will repackage this game with the weather then technically it is a new version, so yeah it would get a re-review. The effects are very nice. This is where a gpgpu shines... post processing of the frame. Hopefully this will push more development teams to use the gpgpu to the max.

I have to give sony props for getting this working. Hopefully broken games are just a ubisoft problem now.

Aquariusgamer1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

Agreed. Have we forgotten unity already? Gamers shouldn't be paying for betas. Games need to work/be complete out of the box. Especially if they cost 60 bucks.

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1230d ago

Just ask people who have it. I have it, it's fun. It's stunning. The online functions add a little depth. Overall, it's an enjoyable game for people who enjoy hardcore racing games. If you're into the type of racing where you can do what ever you want, go with Mario Kart or Forza 2.

G20WLY1230d ago

The graphical difference between DC and FH2 is astounding though. Check out where they compare the rain's effects on surfaces in this article. Look at pictures 3 and 4 where they compare the foliage in the two games.

I know "one is open world", but they are generations apart. I was genuinely gobsmacked at the difference.

It's DC all the way for me - especially with all the updates it's received - and I'll get my open world driving fixes from the best open world, GTAV.

...And then I'll have another go on Mario Kart because I can! :)

methegreatone1230d ago

I haven't played it but the driving experience looks fantastic. Its not a sim, so you might not get the same depth, but from what I can see from gameplay footage it more than makes up for it. Very intense driving experience.
The visual quality here is... WOW :D
Watch a video of a race in the rain. Watch the water interacting with the windscreen and the wipers and all that. They actually respond to force and motion of the car - they behanve like fluids, clumping up, flowing, all of that. Its nothing short of incredible !!! :D

Never seen anything like that before.

Imalwaysright1230d ago

No they shouldn't. They did what had to be done: review the copy that was sent to them. Devs that release unfinished and broken games shouldn't get a free pass.

Ju1230d ago

They are not getting a free pass. What you think happened since release? Evo worked their asses off to deliver this patch. And it should be rewarded.

Imalwaysright1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

Rewarded? For what? For releasing an unfinished game despite delaying it for one year? Is that the mindset devs should have from now on?

"Hey lets release unfinished games. Them stupid gamers with low standards don't care. They even think that we should be rewarded after screwing them over just because we finally finished what we should have finished before release date."

This industry is a joke because of people like you ju. It's not enough that publishers and devs have taken so much value from our hobby over the years and have been releasing broken games left right and center? Now is also ok for devs to release unfinished games and actually reward them for it? What a joke.

jib1230d ago

"Evo worked their asses off to deliver this patch. And it should be rewarded"

i don't get why they should be rewarded for getting things done after release

Ju1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

Really? Did you actually buy the game? What does it matter. They worked longer. It's the best game you can get (best weather at least). They have to pay the bill...the price dropped - you aren't even paying the full price. You'd still get the game today - with the same content. Some of us got it earlier. So by taking the risk and going all out to deliver something outstanding and investing more time they should get less? And yet, the ungrateful crybabies on this website still complain? Just GTFO, I have no patience for such an attitude.

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FanboyKilla1230d ago

@lilzizu online still broken. Ive been watching this gaame. Its all drive no club. The online issues are what is delaying my purchase. That and i should have a free ps plus version like they told us.

If it wasnt for a million people buying a game they know is broken just because its sony, and the lack of exclusives on ps4, the ps plus version would be here.

Im not going to give them my money, when they dont do what they say. And its f n broken. Twitch it and see how many online races you find.

kaozgamer1230d ago

You're wrong. Online works fine.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )


"online still broken. Ive been watching this gaame. Its all drive no club. The online issues are what is delaying my purchase. That and i should have a free ps plus version like they told us."

You don't even have the game. What are you talking about?

Multiplayer December 10th

1080p Multiplayer December 8th

Don't try to downplay something you've never seen. It's obvious that what you may have seen is limited in it's scope or you're trolling. Either way, it's clear that DriveClub's multiplayer functions are working if you look through the videos.

DeadlyOreo1230d ago

Lol at Fanboykilla

I had to laugh at his post. When someone lies about having a game when he clearly doesn't makes someone the worst kind of fanboy. Haha, how embarrassing.

TheFanboySlayer1230d ago

You're not the fanboy killa....I'm the one that slays fanboys....get it straight. *sarcasm* #notreallythough #slayed

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Spid3r61230d ago

Adding lipstick to a pig is still a pig...This game is really not good. Its just a tech demo!

Ron_Danger1230d ago

Ahh... So you're familiar with MrX's method of trolling...

iceman061230d ago

Pro Tip: Spend more time playing games and less time kissing pigs in lipstick. It'll make for a more informed opinion.

AndrewLB1230d ago

I agree. Re-reviewing it isn't going to change the fact that the game was a massive failure and for most people, the damage has already been done.

btw.. whats with the anti-aliasing used in photo-mode? It really blurs the textures a lot. It's gotta be FXAA along with perhaps a temporal filter. Also, photo-mode does a great job of turning horrible blocky shadows into nice soft shadows with no hard edges.

TheTwelve1230d ago

Can't re-review this game (I mean, it DID come out broke and they asked full-price for it) but this proves that we should not make reviews everything.

il-JumperMT1230d ago

Re-reviews should happen. Else a game like WoW or FFXIV:ARR or any MMO will be 0/10. Unplayable at launch due to connection issues.

Maxor1229d ago

Re-reviewing only happens with MMO. Should Drive Club be re-reviewed then it should be a treated as such. In which case it would then be bashed to bits for it's astounding lack of features in the MMO space.

TheNew11230d ago

I can see whoever re-reviewing it if the problem was the game being broken and got fixed, but to re-review a game because it added a missing feature 2 months after launch isn't right.

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sin72791230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

Is not only weather , fisic is a different , great game eurogamer seys that rein and snow effects is the bes ever in video game!

McGruff1230d ago

Is the dynamic weather incorporated into every race/mode, or is it only for online races?

SniperControl1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

Every mode has it.


My bad, you are right, but i believe there is a new tour that introduces weather, incoming soon from Evo.

danowat1230d ago

Wrong, tour races don't have it.

McGruff1230d ago

Thanks for the replies. My copy is in the mail, can't wait to check it out tomorrow.

Forn1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )


I think he meant the game modes such as Race, Time Trial, and Drift. But yes, there is a new tour event set that will incorporate weather as well.

danowat1230d ago

It's certainly raised the bar for visual fidelity in racing games, Project cars is going to have to go some to exceed this level of visual fidelity.

hkgamer1230d ago

in terms of visuals, drive club has the advantage over project cars because it has road racing and not track racing.

it sounds stupid, but i think a night race with rain effects on a mountain road with great lighting effects would just make the game look better.

im not saying project cars wont have better looking cars, weather or lighting. its just the fact that its on a track which automatically makes it less appealing.

ok. does my opinion, dont take it as fact. hope others agree or understand what im trying to say

Forn1230d ago

I understand. One thing I love about Driveclub is racing in these beautiful locales and not just on a simple track.

ThatOneGuyThere1230d ago

the tracks in driveclub are among the best ive ever raced on. its the best part about the game.

AndrewLB1230d ago

Umm... not all the locations in Project Cars are tracks. There are some actual roads that are driven in a rally format.

Azure Coast
California Highway
Circuit de la Sarthe

And you can't go comparing an image taken using photomode to actual in-game screenshots of games like Project Cars.

I'd love to see a video comparing DriveClub to real life.

here's project cars:

Or better yet, this is a fan-made trailer that is 100% in-game footage. Enjoy the 4k/60fps.