The Destiny Dark Below DLC is locking some PS4 players out of playing the base game

The Gamer Headlines wrote: Some PS4 gamers who have purchased the Destiny Dark Below DLC have been unable to get back into the game, while Xbox One owners seem to be unaffected.

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Immorals1264d ago

To be fair, I have this game for XBox one, and this game has been locking me out of the full game since I bought it!

BenqMagician1264d ago

That's strange I've had the game since launch no such problems(yes I have it for xbox one and ps3). I am a little worried now since I'm getting the destiny white ps4 next week.

solidsnake2221264d ago

You must really like destiny...

thorstein1264d ago

Nice purchase! I already had the PS4 so my Destiny is all black. Alas.

But, I think the title of this article is misleading. It is the countdown timer that is causing the problem. The DLC hasn't been released.

Death1264d ago

I have Destiny for the Xbox One and PS4. I haven't had any issues like this for either console. I pre-paid for the DLC on the Xbox One already. I'm not sure if I will get it for the PS4 yet.

nosferatuzodd1264d ago

immorals thanks for telling the truthpeople like you are one in a million on xbox

Death1264d ago

I'm pretty sure that was a crack about DLC, not the functionality of the game.

CorndogBurglar1264d ago

Haven't heard that before. Very original.

Immorals1264d ago

At least you understood ;)

LackTrue4K1263d ago

lol, you do have payed your sub fee to XboxLive right?

cuz the only time had such an issue, was when i was no online/internet.

CorndogBurglar1263d ago

Lol yeah. I think what you said went right over people's heads. And unlike Drax the Destroyer, they do not have fast enough reflexes to catch it.

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