Sony takes a clever stab at Xbox One fans with Emagon

MWEB GameZone Writes: "Sony has taken a sneaky, clever stab at Xbox One fans with the first teaser of their mysterious project, Emagon. Here is how they have done it and what we think Emagon might actually be."

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CongoKyle1447d ago


Looks interesting :D

Sillicur1447d ago

Indeed it does, what do you think it could be?

pedrof931447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

We see a guy going trough a forest, then walking into a desert, then plant sproutes.

Maybe its a metaphore to the lack on Ps4 AAA games atm. The forest it's the playstation's past, while the desert it's the upcoming future, and the plant represents only the beggining.

bouzebbal1447d ago

xbox fanboys will keep saying PS4 has no game until PS5 comes out.
it launched with no games, 2014 had no games...

Mr Pumblechook1447d ago

Title is a bit of click-bait because it doesn't obviously troll any other company. If the writer interprets that it's fine but it certainly shouldn't be used for an article title.

thanhgee1447d ago


I think you should be referring to the XB1, decent amount of exclusives in 2014, now 2015 is coming up with no major releases until at least mid 2015.

Pogmathoin1447d ago

I'm sorry, but I see Imagine... not Nogame.

Palitera1447d ago

It is Dark Chronicle for PS4, by Level 5.

On the first news about this GAME ON trailer I posted the proofs.

BTW, added the source site to Adblock blacklist. Do the same, non-idiot folks.

BX811447d ago

to say there isnt a drought is false. There is for the ps4. Not as bad as the drought with the 360 towards the end though. You cant really complain about the fanboys here when the Emagon trailer article had 97 comments the majority pro sony. At the same time the xbl down article had over 200 comments. The fact is theres a drought and instead of supporting things like emagon more people choose to support console hate. Sad when you really think about it. My ps4 literally has caked up dust because I dont use it enough. That doesnt mean its worthless. If it has only half of what my ps3 gave me its well worth the price tag. Focus more on whats to come not on what the haters are focussed on. This gen is still young and the ps4 is still beast. #focusonthefuture

Cid331447d ago

maybe its not a game, but some virtual world or something for the Morpheus

Dee_911447d ago

half life 4 confirmed

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masterfox1446d ago

Mi cuerpo esta listo :D

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Septic1447d ago

"Emagon’s anagram is “No Game”, which I believe refers to certain Xbox One fans who have been trolling gaming forums. We all know these types of fans, the ones that come onto the forums or any article regarding the PlayStation 4 (PS4) or Xbox One and say that the opposing console has “no games coming out” or for example, “the PS4/ Xbox One has no games to play”

You're kidding me...

user38319101447d ago

Lol they said the same thing about the ps3 and then they got obliterated to hell

Ps4 will be more massive

demonddel1447d ago

Uncharted 2 and GOW3 isn't for everyone I owned bout System and I never felt one was better than the other so obliterating the mighty 360 is a overstatement

Irishguy951447d ago


heres what happened last gen

Xbox 360's best games came out 2005-2008
PS3s came out 2008-2013

Ps3s first few years were bad compared to Xbox, Xbox later years were terribad compared to Ps3. Heck, even Psn was terrible compared to XBlive until around 2009. I do think Ps4 will obliterate Xbone, but at the moment they are only about even, I mean they are practically the same right now. With the difference being a few different exclusives. Sales wise, like last gen, who gives a **** it doesn't affect us

StrawberryDiesel4201447d ago

Yup, in 2009 we had Uncharted 2(the best action adventure game ever created) Demon's Souls(The best RPG ever created with the most innovative online ever seen)and Killzone 2(One of the most incredible FPS games I have ever played with the best enemy AI ever seen in any FPS). That was just in one year, I won't even bring up 2010 which saw the release of God of War 3 which looked like a CGI movie. Xbone fans are delusional and all they know is Halo.

Kribwalker1447d ago

Yoshida has even said there will be less AAA exclusives this gen, so don't see how PS4 will obiterate

AndrewLB1447d ago

Where do you get this unfounded notion that PS3 obliterated anything? Last I checked, Xbox 360 sold ~37,000,000 (yes... thirty-seven MILLION) more games than PS3 globally.

PS3- 850,162,744
360- 887,926,669 (right side)

I'd say 360 mopped the floor with PS3.

Christopher1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )


I love numbers! Let's look at yours!

PS3 - 850,162,744
360 - 887,926,669

What that means:

- The 360 sold 4.25% more games than the PS3.

But wait, there's more!

If we take the average of games sold each year, we get:

PS3 - 106,270,343 games each year
360 - 98,658,518.8 games each year

If we take the average of games sold each month, we get:

PS3 - 8,855,861.9 games each month
360 - 8,221,543.2 games each month

If we take the average of games sold each day, we get:

PS3 - 288,582 games a day
360 - 269,068 games a day

No, let's see what the percentage difference is in those numbers: 6.76% in favor of PS3 on a day-by-day basis.

That's a bit better than that 4.25% difference you were advertising above.

Lesson to learn: Understand numbers before you utilize them.

Edit: And no one obliterated anyone last generation. You guys are silly. What we had was great competition.

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Sillicur1447d ago

That is just my opinion on the matter, which i stand by. It could very well be a stab at fans that comment like i have stated.

What do you think Emagon is all about?

Septic1447d ago

Do you really think Sony are that bothered by what a few trolls in forums say that they go to the effort of doing all this?

I don't think so at all. They have better things to do with their time.

I'm not entirely sure what Emagon is about though but your assessment seems to be completely without merit in my opinion. I could be wrong though. I'm not having a go. At least you went through the trouble of trying to decipher the message.

TOTSUKO1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )


I don't think Sony is bothered by the trolls on the internet either.

However, with Sonys track record this past year, It is obvious they are using it for marketing tactics.

Remember that stab at MS about sharing games?


When Andrew House mocked MS about the DRM change

With that said, I don't agree nor disagree with you about Sony putting effort into all this video to mock MS but I think it was a valid assessment giving Sonys past history.

Killzoner991447d ago

No games huh? Sony has tons of exclusives coming. This is about as clever as marketing gets. Nice jab Sony.

MrSec841447d ago

The whole "No Games" thing is just plane ignorance, hell PS4 has about 60 more games than the XB1 and there are a few new IPs already on the system, as true exclusives, with at least 10 that have been announced and a few more developers each have a game in development.

There are also the existing franchises which are getting their sequels or remakes or a vita franchise is now coming to PS4.

Sony has about 5X the exclusives (true exclusives, only available on PS4, not any other Sony platform) that Microsoft has coming for XB1 next year.

This event could see at least one or two more AAA titles announced, with several AA or indie/Sony backed titles.

As it stands there's a AAA retail exclusive release for most months, there's nothing stopping Sony slotting more in next year's calendar.

imt5581447d ago

No Games! Check this gif :

Awesome gif!!!!

windblowsagain1447d ago

Good gif, as much as I like the movies. The newer ones are poor in Comparison. Besides the dragon meh. that's milk.

As for PS Milking. No UBISOFT OWN at title.

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WeirdShroom1447d ago

I'd bet it means "Game On". The usual sort of competitive statement from companies that are only sorta kinda in competition, for the fans to squee over. So the game is most likely something we all know, who's announcement would be follow by a statement like "Game On". Flower 2 maybe? Lol

Picnic1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

Good idea. It does make the most sense. On the other end, as the official reason hasn't been confirmed, those who point out that it's No Game backwards have been unfairly thumbed down on this thread- even though SEMAGON would have been a more clear way by Sony of showing that's what they meant if they did.
But related to that, maybe the point is that what they're announcing is not what they'd call a game. I'd guess it's likely related to Project Morpheus- and possibly Flower creator Thatgamecompany.

Mr_cheese1447d ago

Just to see if there was any other options I put the word into an anagram solver...

'Emagon' is an anagram of:
A gnome
Game: On
Game On
Game On!
No Game

I'm 1000% the game is about "a gnome"

Sillicur1447d ago

Haha that was super funny! A gnome would be epic! I think it could potentially game on, or mean No Game in the sense of VR. As in "this is no game, this is reality"

WeirdShroom1447d ago

HL2 had a gnome.

Half-Life 3 PS4 Exclusive confirmed!
(yes, I realize it being ps4 excl is absurd, no hate.)

CongoKyle1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

Emagon has 6 letters
Valve has 5 letters
Sony has 4 letters
5+4 = 9
9/3 = 3
6/2 = 3

Emagon = Half Life 3 PlayStation 4 exclusive confirmed.

uth111447d ago

"Ego man" sounds like a game with potential :)

MasterCornholio1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

If it didn't have an e I'd guess mango.

Mango simulator confirmed!!!!!!

Where you live the life of a mango tree in the middle of the desert.


bloodybutcher1447d ago

I thought it's a Mango tv shopping simulator xD

Vanfernal1447d ago

Genome in Spanish is "Genoma". Makes perfect sense

madpuppy1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

well, there already is a troll, Styx on the PS store. So why not a gnome.....blah

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