Happy birthday. 20 ways PlayStation changed gaming

As Sony’s console turns 20, we look back at the ways the Japanese giant has changed gaming for good.

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shaw981446d ago

I am not a playstation guy and could care less about any games they make or have made. Though I still have to give them huge respect. Congratulations Sony for 20 years of Playstation. Hope you guys continue to make your fans happy.

pivotplease1446d ago

That's exactly how I feel about Xbox, so everyone has an opinion I guess. I still appreciate Nintendo, but they haven't strayed far enough from the franchises they set up in the 64 era IMO. But this isn't about the competition, so no point in mentioning them. Cool avatar btw.

WeAreLegion1446d ago


So, you've never played Uncharted?

Shadow of the Colossus?
Ape Escape?
Dark Cloud?
Gravity Rush?
Ratchet & Clank?
Crash Bandicoot?
The Last of Us?
Heavy Rain?
God of War?
Syphon Filter?
Twisted Metal?
Jet Moto?
Cool Boarders?
PaRappa the Rapper?
Gran Turismo?
Jak & Daxter?
Sly Cooper?
Rogue Galaxy?
White Knight Chronicles?
Beyond: Two Souls?

That's just stuff Sony has published. It doesn't even include third party exclusives by other publishers.

shaw981446d ago

None of those games interest me what so ever. Some of them look average but nothing that I would drop $60 on let alone any PS console for. One of the games you mention I remember playing at a best buy demo or something. It was actually my very first time seeing it ever. I think it was Uncharted? The guys name was Nathan drake so I think it is uncharted. I played it and hated it. Everything felt scripted, but I don't know, I only played 10 mins of the game so it is not like I can review it. Though it seemed so boring and unimaginative. I pressed a button to dodge when it told me to then a scene happened. I actually thought it was probably a shovel ware game for ps players that everyone would skip to get the good games they liked. I was surprised it had such a dedicated fanbase on sites like this.

I guess Sony is not my thing, if it is anyone elses then that is cool. Different games for different people I suppose.

WeAreLegion1446d ago

What video games do you enjoy? There's just no way someone could dislike every single game on that list.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1446d ago

PlayStation has always been the best place to play. The most diverse lineup of exclusives every gen that can't be matched by its competitors. Nintendo releases the same Mario and Zelda while MS consoles are dudebro all about shooters, racers, and sports. Without PlayStation I wouldn't even give a damn about video games.