Sir Clive Sinclair Launches New Games Computer – Sinclair Spectrum Vega

Sir Clive Sinclair has today announced the launch of a new low-cost games computer based on his hugely successful Spectrum products of the early 1980s.

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hiredhelp1323d ago

Liks to dev page be great very intrested in this.

1nsomniac1323d ago

If it works as it's supposed to, straight out of the box. No tinkering or a nightmare to setup working controls then I'm in!

I've tried lots of ideas based off the same principle & none have worked. Controls being the main problem. even though they've all given you the ability to change controls the majority of games just don't accept it & seems to be an embedded issue into the code.

lfc_4eva1322d ago

Please be true.
The spectrum was my first game machine. Well first I was proud of.

Mother bought me a commodore 64 plus4. Mistaking it for a real commodore 64. Oh mother what were you thinking. Laughing stock springs to mind.