Defiance & The Wolf Among Us Are Now Free On Xbox Live

Techtorial: Defiance and The Wolf Among Us (full game) are now free on Xbox Live. Meanwhile, PS Store offers The Wolf Among Us for free as well.

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GodGinrai1487d ago

sweet. good thing, I kept my x360 :)

SteamPowered1487d ago

Yes I forgot how many games I bought through XBL that didnt transfer to my X1. Ill be keeping my 360 running for a little while yet.

Dirtnapstor1487d ago

Full game or just the first episode "Faith"? Xbox already doled out the first episode for free a while back.

GodGinrai1487d ago

full game according to the link. havent downloaded it yet, but will do in a few hours when im settled at the TV.

Kivespussi1487d ago

Telltale games usually make their first episodes free, this is nothing new.

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