Assassin's Creed Unity Dev Makes Fun of PS4 vs Xbox One 1080p/Resolutiongate In Companion App

Seeing the complete technical mess that Assassin's Creed Unity is on PS4, Xbox One and PC, maybe it would be smart to not do this?

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Mikelarry1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

Come talk to us ubisoft when you have fixed the technical mess that you call ACU

I present to you AC: ballerina edition

he moves so graciously

darthv721412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

That's funny. it reminds me of a similar glitch i had in killzone 2. I killed a guy near the beginning and when he died his body was just ragdoll flailing about in mid air. i must have watched that for a good 2 minutes.

Obviously it was a glitch...glitches happen but I don't purposely go looking for them but when you see one you just cant help but watch it for a while. then you move on. I've tried to recreate it but....ehh it was funny the first time.

4Sh0w1412d ago

I'm older than most here and I can't remember a game that didn't have a few glitches so unless the game has so many repeat glitches/bugs that it's ruining the game then showing a few bugs glitches doesn't quantify AC Unity as a bad game. Hell I remember old school games like Double Dragon having lots of bugs but its still brings back great memories of me and my cousin playing the mofo shiii out of those games. I think large fps drops are much more of a problem than a few glitches. I'm not buying AC Unity either way since I've spent way too much on games lately, I'm just wondering if all criticism is warranted or are some gamers blowing things out of proportion???

Conzul1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

Yeah but in your day they didn't have companies who's mindset was to rush out a bunch of DLC after launch instead of issuing fixes and workarounds.

In your day, the gaming industry was considered risky for the companies - NOT the buyers, and justly so.

I'm tired of hearing people complain about "entitled" gamers like it's a bad thing. We risk north of $60 time and time again. Technically, we are **Entitled**

UltimateMaster1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

The only joke there is right now is ubisoft.
Their stock dropped 10% the day they launched ACU.

ThatOneRiggaNob1412d ago

that's footage from the internal beta months ago.... Nice try tho rofl.

Mikelarry1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

ooo you are right, guys one of the 100 of glitches was footage from the beta.. phew its not like we can find any glitches in the final release version ... oh wait :)

-Foxtrot1412d ago

Isn't that bad though...because they still havent sorted the bugs

So if they knew about them months ago it's clear they rushed it out.

Ubisoft keep digging themselves a bigger hole.

ThatOneRiggaNob1412d ago

It's actually funny because I wasn't saying the game didn't have glitches. I was just saying why use old footage of a glitch that was in the beta and not use other footage?

Mikelarry1412d ago

But then the ballerina joke wouldn't work

DragonKnight1412d ago

@Mikelarry: +Bubbles for making me LOL. Man those are some funny glitches.

I've had one glitch so far and that's where an NPC moved from one end of a room to the other like The Flash. It was hilarious.

Oh, and I fell through the world once.

Other than that it's been pretty smooth sailing for me.

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DaGR8JIBRALTAR1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

That's gracefully...damn ubisoft, first watch dogs now this? I'm playing it on the ps4 and there's been a couple of framerate drops but nothing too major. At times I can see moments of brilliance but at it's core it's the same ol assassin's creed.

KwietStorm1412d ago

That was just weird. It was more like paranormal activity than a ballerina.

3-4-51412d ago

Any glitch I've seen so far ( 8 hours in), has only ever been something funny.

The kind of thing you laugh at for like 2 seconds, and then continue on with your life.....

People are taking these glitch complaints a bit too far.

Way too much anger.

DrRobotnik1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

Paying money for a broken product warrants anger. You wouldn't pay full price for a sports car that only goes 10 mph?

Copenhagen1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

And people like you who excuse rushed out games are THE reason companies continue to do it. It's not acceptable to rush out a game unfinished and patch it later. Under that scenario fine the games unfinished okay we will pay HALF the price of a game and pay the other half when it's finished. No they won't do that because they like suckers like YOU who not only preorder and buy unfinished games day one but then become unpaid apologists for a multi billion dollar company. STOP EXCUSING THIS SH!T vote with your wallet and they WILL get the message. In particular Ubisoft has become a repeat offender when it comes to this practice of showing game footage off a high end PC when the finished product looks nothing like they showed and rushing out unfinished games and review embargo's until a game is already out. They lie and mislead and you sir are either ignorant or a shill paid or not people can't excuse and accept this anymore.

victorMaje1411d ago

Having fun with ACU but any1 having freeze issues? Game just freezes every now & then somtimes up to a minute or so then unfreezes & resumes normally, after more than 4 times during the same hour...u can imagine my eventual frustration no?
Not one to look for such issues but hopefully they'll fix most soon...

tanukisuit1412d ago

lol, got any more of those?

Sir_Simba1412d ago

That dev is making fun while their stock has dropped by 9% apperently, PLZ plz plz dont buy this game

ABizzel11412d ago


LMFAO, literally in tears. Funny bubble well earned.

ScaryMonkey1411d ago

The word you were looking for was, gracefully.


I love how there is literally fanbabies in here gloating about having a slightly shittier port of a piece of trash video game that should have never been released.

Guess this is what happens when the Xb1 is the lead platform though, huh! You can have this one, Ubi wont get another day one dollar from me.

Tzuno1411d ago

ahahahhhhh the 2 disagree are mindless buyers.

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jrshankill1411d ago

hell yeah bruh. I love these crybabies on N4G. UUUGH WHYY UUGH UBISOFT SUCKS.

Just don't buy it you idiots.

Keep trollin, trollin, trollin

DragonbornZ1411d ago

...Lol what? Not buying it anytime soon anyways, maybe not at all.

Aleithian1412d ago


That's priceless.

MitchellK1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

that's pretty good. it's also sad

Malphite1412d ago

Ubisoft already makes fun of playable framerates with the game itself.

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