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Assassin's Creed Unity lets you take the fight to the Templars during the French Revolution in this wonderfully made landlocked adventure.

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NatureOfLogic_1373d ago

Not even close. I know to avoid this site reviews in the future.

Alexious1373d ago

So you're one of those that hates everyone with a different opinion. Okay.

Amuro1373d ago

this is not about opinion. The game is broken and that is a fact.

starchild1373d ago

It's not broken, it has a few issues but I'm playing it just fine on my PC. It looks great too. I haven't played enough to form a solid opinion about the game as a whole.

LavaLampGoo1373d ago

Not even close to what exactly?

ccgr1373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

graphics look good

Imp0ssibl31373d ago

Seems like this game is a pure love/hate thing. I suppose it depends on how much the reviewer cares about frame drops and such stuff

micx1373d ago

I think it'll be somewhere in between metacritic-wise when all is counted.

-Foxtrot1373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

The thing is though they should care because something like that should affect the score. It's a bad thing and should be talked about

The ones giving it a high score don't mention anything of these issues. So if you knock at least 2-3 points of it for each one your going to be left with the same score as others actually mentioning the problems.

In the end the games a let down.

Alexious1373d ago

It doesn't look like it will be a GOTY contender, that's for sure, but let down? Some of those issues might even be fixed in a patch.

-Foxtrot1373d ago

You can't fix stealth gameplay and the story in a patch can you.

LavaLampGoo1373d ago

See the confusion i had writing the review was the fact that i had zero performance issues. I was still reports of other people struggling to play the game but i geniuely didnt encounter, apart from the falling through the floor glitch that i did mention.
i wasnt really sure whether or not to approach the subject because of that, but felt i had to critique what i experienced and not what i heard others did.
Hope that helps you understand why i reviewed it so high :)
Sorry for the rant.

starchild1373d ago

So should I give The Order 1886 a lower score because I hate black bars taking away part of my screen?

-Foxtrot1373d ago


Why are you bringing The Order into this

Seriously man that has nothing to do what we are talking about.

The black bars are supposed to be there for a cinematic feel, it's not a bug, glitch or a frame rate issue.

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fanboysmackdown1373d ago

Some payola going on with this fella and Ubisoft. Most are saying the game is so glitchy that it's unplayable and this oaf says minor glitches. Think I'll believe the masses on this one and avoid giving this guy's site any further hits.

LavaLampGoo1373d ago

Don't know what to tell you man, definitely not getting paid to do this, and when I played it I had absolutely no problems, other then the ones mentioned in the review. Hopefully with a patch they will remove the issues people have been having and people will get to enjoy the game like that I did...

Festano1373d ago

Ok you convinced me, I'll buy it