Amazon Pre Black Friday 2014: Titanfall Xbox One at $19.99 & Other Video Game Deals

Techtorial: Amazon updated its deals again for Black Friday week dropping the price of Titanfall at $19.99 (Xbox One) along with other select games for PS3, Xbox 360, PS Vita, etc.

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Software_Lover1204d ago

Cheaper than the digital version was last month ($25.00)

I know it's only $5 but I probably would have bought the digital version if it were this price. I did go ahead and buy the pass for $6.25 even though I didn't have the game. Gotta be prepared lol.

spicelicka1204d ago

lol i did the exact same thing! I had $7 sitting in my account so i impulsively bought the pass. Then I had no choice but to get titanfall, so i bought a used copy for $20. Great investment this game is awesome.

Jag-T10001204d ago

We all know this game doesn't have a campaign mode. At $20 dollars, this is the best price for this game. The graphics are nice and the gameplay is awesome. I pop this game in every day, play two or three matches, then move on to another game. Try may like it.

Spikeantestor1204d ago

Ahhh sales. I remember when something being cheaper meant I could afford it.