How to...and what not to do: Swapping your PS4 controller housing

"This week I decided that the black back of my urban camo PS4 controller would look better on the white. After watching a couple other youtube video's I decided to jump right in. This video will show what to do, and what not to do when swapping out your controller housing. If done correctly you can do this in under ten minutes. Enjoy the results, and probably more, the mishaps." - Mike at Retro Game Fix

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kingPoS1386d ago

Lesson learned!

Don't take the ribbon off the main board.

Gateway MT6706 2008

Crazyglues1386d ago (Edited 1386d ago )

You know, in my opinion Sony dropped the ball here, look how awesome the cameo looks with the white/grey back.

Instead of the black, wish the cameo just came like that, I would have bought it in a heartbeat/ or do it like they did the PS3 with the back all in cameo too.. come on' Sony wtf?

Would looks so much better if they just made them like this with the matching back, like the guy did in the video, in my humble opinion.

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Elwenil1386d ago

It's just "camo" or more correctly, camouflage. "Cameo" is something completely different.

Crazyglues1386d ago

LMAO... yes.. I can't believe I wrote that, sometimes my brain fails me... LoL I meant camo..

yeah I don't know why people are taking my comment so serious, I wasn't upset, I was just saying in my opinion it looks better when it matches..

-But to each his own, if you like it black and white you like it, no big deal.. -but for me I hate that look.

OB1Biker1386d ago

No way. I love my white DS4 as it is now, black and white? ewww

Clown_Syndr0me1386d ago

Ive taken my DS4 apart a few times.
All I can say is be careful of the ribbon, the one connected to the touchpad in particular. It can become detached from the touchpad very easily. A couple of times Ive put my controller back together and the touchpad hadn't worked.
Its easy enough to fix, there's many tutorials on Youtube that are easier to follow than if I were trying to explain it now, but its frustrating having to dismantle the controller again to fix something you did the last time.

GreenRanger1385d ago

The controllers cost too much to risk pulling them apart.

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