The Evil Within Review - The lovechild of Resident Evil and Silent Hill - CramG

A video and text review looking at Shinji Mikami's latest survival horror offering The Evil Within.

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SmoothC9111396d ago

I've seen review scores all over the place, so which is it? Great, good or bad? I'd love a good horror game like Silent Hill 2

Muzikguy1396d ago

Of course the reviews are all over, it's different people with different opinions and tastes. Personally, I'd give the game the same as this review. It's a very good game and a welcome addition to a (hopefully) rebirth of the horror genre

SmoothC9111396d ago

Thanks muzikguy; I think I'll give it a try. Genuinely suspenseful I hope

Muzikguy1395d ago

Controls take work but it's a cool experience. Best to play cranked up and in the dark!
I'd like to know what you think of it when you get a chance to check it out :)

Harpers_Ferry1396d ago

who spent his summers visitng uncle Siren.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1396d ago

I absolutely love this game. I would say that is the love child of Eternal darkness, Resident Evil, and Silent Hill though.

shadow18spirit1396d ago

I'm enjoying this game very much but does anyone else think its overrated on the horror side , i mean there are creepy parts but its not that scary as i thought it would be.

--bienio--1396d ago

For m is 9/10 this game is worth to play:)