Lords Of The Fallen Preview & Gameplay - Mouse n Joypad

Johnny writes - "We were once again able to get some hands on playtime with Lords Of The Fallen recently, this time however we managed to capture some exclusive gameplay for you guys to enjoy. Firstly I would like to say that Lords Of The Fallen has been called a Dark Souls clone by many, and I actually think this is unfair to the game, yes it has elements that may remind you of the Dark Souls series, but by no means is it a clone. In our first preview of the game we played a section further into the game, the demo we played this time round was more at the beginning, and just as visually stunning as the previous encounter with the RPG title. "

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Joher1521d ago

Very nice looking gameplay with great description. From article we can find out how long we will spend with LotF. Combat on this gameplay looks very interesting, I'm want to see how combat looks at another class (rouge most) not only warrior because him hits is strong so we can kill faster.

riverside6661514d ago

length of the game always depends on your involvement in the game. if you want to go play, it will be a quick march ... but if you chiał details, secrets, play with different kinds of weapons, or class, it will be fun for several, if not dozens of hours ..