Assassin's Creed Unity: How to Pull off a Four-Player Heist

Robert Workman (Prima Games): Ubisoft wants to make sure that Assassin's Creed's debut on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 goes off without a hitch. Along with a robust single player campaign that we'll preview later this month, Assassin's Creed Unity also comes jam-packed with co-op opportunities, as you team up with a friend for a quick two-player mission, or tackle a heist with up to three others online.

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Fizzler1325d ago

I'm gonna buy 10 copies of this game on day 1!

poppinslops1325d ago


I cannot wait to give those cheese-eating surrender monkeys a taste of my blade...

sAVAge_bEaST1325d ago

Feast on the Backlash Ubi..

It's going viral, with the boycott..

I am going to tell everyone I know, to tell their friends,, to tell their Friends of friends,..

this is going to back fire badly......

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