Sniper Elite 3 - New Update Adds Mantle Support, Benchmark Graphs Show Performance Differences

Rebellion today announced that summer chart-topper Sniper Elite 3 is the latest in a small but growing list of high-profile games to include support for AMD’s advanced Mantle API.

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DougLord1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

Most commenters won't read the article, and most will hit the disagree button without reading my comment. BUT if you can read you will see 2 things that show why DX12 will create a ~20% improvement in Xbone performance. Before I get to that let me say 20% isn't huge, it won't make Xbone equal to PS4, and PS4 can likely do something similar, it might just take awhile.

1st DX12 and Mantle are about utilizing the CPU better, not the GPU. Also, DX12 and Mantle happen to work best on low end AMD CPUs, which both X bone and PS4 have. Secondly, Mantle and DX12 work best in lower resolutions vs higher. This is because lower resolution is CPU bound while higher rez is GPU bound. Xbone runs at a slightly lower resolution vs PS4.

People that say Xbone is already coded to the metal don't understand this is all about reducing draw call CPU utilization and making it easier to use more CPU cores in parallel. This is going to make a difference.

People that say a 20% improvement isn't huge are correct, it will be barely perceivable. The PS4 is 35% stronger then the X bone and when you look at Mordor game play video side by side you see almost NO DIFFERENCE. This will mainly get you a FPS bump. Also PS4 will eventually do the same thing with AMDs help, it will just take a year longer.

Just my 2 cents - bring on the disagrees.

DrRobotnik1506d ago

I agree with some of what your saying. But it truly all depends on the developers to use those tools correctly or use them at all. Probably won't see the effects until 2016.

Rainbowcookie1506d ago

The problem is this is on a pc with a pc OS, console features a different OS and more differences between XB1 and PS4 so I don't think the difference will be that huge. With the consoles it's mostly the combination of the different parts that gives a console its benchmark. Eg. Xb1 has slower ram but beats Ps4 with a stronger cpu. Mantle and Dx12 focuses on CPU so I believe Xbox might score more here, however time will tell. I agree with you on most of your points. I believe Sony's ICe team is working hard to squeeze something extra from PS4. The longer developer cycle means we won't see these changes soon though which might be a good thing since it can extent the consoles life cycle. I'm not one for digital everything . I like collecting and having a physical copy so I hope it stays this way (rather selfish I'm sorry) :)