Ubisoft, You Really Can’t Release The Crew Like This

NowGamer: "The Crew is a lot like Burnout Paradise, but that’s the only good thing there is to say about it.

Though there’s been a number of preview and hands-on events, the recent beta for The Crew is the first opportunity I’ve had to actually play it. And to say I was disappointed is an understatement.

I’m not going to make any friends among Ubisoft or Ivory Tower staff when I say this, but what I say I say out of kindness: Ubisoft, you simply can’t release this game just yet."

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aceitman1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

Yeah I'm in the beta bad handling and graphics are not next gen.

Oschino19071506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

I watched some of the beta streams recently. Looks fun and like it could have a ton of potential but not something I would even consider till a sequel. Just doesn't look next gen as you said and just not enough to it from what I saw.

HaveAsandwich1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

not only is it not "next gen", it's just a bad game in general.

games_FTW1506d ago

the game full of bugs, the car slide like it drive on ice and when the police chase you or you chase some npc car in missin they have rocket boost, other than that the game is fun and addective.

EZMickey1506d ago

forgive me for sounding too optimistic, but... it's just a beta, right?

aceitman1506d ago

ive been in many betas and none have looked this far off on graphics or on control , mind u this is there second beta. I mean when u drive on any grass the car is just extremely bouncy I can see cars bounce but not that bad u can hardly control it. and when u bump into a car its like it just bounces off and I mean u will just bounce off a car to a wall 10 ft away, not like hitting a car and and just bouncing off 3 feet or so , heck when u crash into a cop car u just stick to it , ughhh I cant say no more. put it to u this way it will not get good reviews and it will not have a sequel .

EZMickey1506d ago

That sucks, man. I'm still gonna keep my eye on it, but if it bombs, i'll be bummed. Mostly because this game is more ambitious than any of the other next gen racers. Too bad.

dreamed1506d ago

Trust me anyone playing it will basicaly be playin the game,it WILL release with bugs and NONE will be fixed.

Dont get me wrong you'll get several patches....but they wont do shit trust me...none of there patches ever do.....

But it'll release and ppl will suck it up...defo not for me,only coz i know it will be a broken mess!!!

3-4-51506d ago

OF the 4 Main Driving games releasing Soon or that have........This was one that appealed to me the least.

* I would recommend FH2 over this by far...and I'm sure PS4 owners would recommend Drive Club over this...

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system221506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

was playing the beta on ps4... emphasis on "was". its just not very good. its also not great to look at either.

uth111506d ago

I've been watching some of the beta player on twitch and youtube. They all seemed to enjoy it. The game looks fun to me, so I'll probably buy it.

I don't really care about the storyline in a game like this. I've had fun with Watchdogs and NFS: Rivals despite their poor stories.

system221506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

ive been playing the beta. for me personally i found the handling to be awful. feels sluggish... like you really want to push hard on the sticks and even then you get a very dampened response... its actually frustrating. graphically its a mess. especially if you compare it to forza horizons 2 or drive club. on the ps4 (and i assume xb1 as well) it could pass for a ps3 game visually. everything feels flat, cardboard like and mechanical. when characters talk to you in the game, a poorly animated face of them appears on your HUD while they speak. this very much reminds me of OG starcraft, but not in a good way. it looks like its straight out of the 90s. some people will dig it i guess, but if you're on xb1 stick with FH2. if youre on ps4 its better than no open world racer, but drive club will probably be way more satisfying on every other level aside from that.

Salooh1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

Never understood the hype. Except for the huge world and customization this game looks like a ps2 game to me , everything looks awful to me especially the gameplay . If anyone like that gameplay then go for it. You will have fun in it but won't be a new experience.

ryan4611506d ago

Unfortunate to hear about the graphics. I played it on PC and it's by no means ground breaking but doesnt sound as bad as what you describe.

As for the handling I've played in hardcore mode with a racing wheel and it works quite well. Sometimes I think the oversteer can be a bit much.

It seems theyre trying to make the racing a bit more realistic vs NFS and Burnout where you're glued to the road most of the time.

system221506d ago


Hmm.. I bet the PC route would be the best way to go honestly. You probably get way more control options + steering wheel options + the added bonus of being able to crank the graphics up... even if that just gets you to "better than this" levels. it has a fairly lofi feel on the ps4 (and I assume xb1 as I haven't played it on that)

I certainly applaud their efforts to break from the track based route into open world. This concept has been a blast on Forza Horizon 2 so far. The Crew just kinda seems to be in this weird in between state of being ambitious but clunky. Just my opinions of course.

SteamPowered1506d ago

Lotta competition for Racers lately. This one may be just plain left in the dust. (see what I did there)

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