Batman Arkham Knight doesn't have the Mechanics

An opinion about the New Batman Arkham Knight and how it might not have the mechanics.

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DarkOcelet1536d ago

God, you are so negative . Combat is repititive ? I thought it was excellent and it still is , stealth mechanics are tight , both Arkham games had great stories and graphically this game is a monster , and the batmobile is there unless you want to be on your foot in a really huge gotham city and please do not compare this to Watch Dogs as it had alot of bad things aside from the driving mechanics , bad protagonist , bad story , boring Ubisoft formula which is pretty much in their most games , they put a couple of good ideas and they just keep repeating it the whole game . For instance we have Far Cry 3 , it had outpost raid, climbing radio towers , hunt animals and wanted dead quests . They were good the first 3 times but then it got repititive so fast and i honestly thought the game would be big but i finished it 100% in 20 hours which was kind of a let down . Anyways i think this game will be a masterpiece just like Arkham City and Asylum .

thorstein1535d ago

So is this the new title that hateboys are going to hate?

Hey Article creator, Repetitive was used repeatedly for Destiny. Come up with a new hateboy term from your hateboy glossary.

Ezz20131534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

I really hope that N4G mods remove all the opinion articles and just stay true to the site name "News 4 Gamers"

Just news and reviews from well knowen sites
That's it

Kingdomcome2471534d ago

Rocksteady should be given the benefit of the doubt. They are the only people as of yet to nail Batman in a game, and they've had a lot of time developing Arkham Knight after sitting out Origins. I believe that this will be a masterpiece, and if not for UC4, The Witcher 3, and possibly Quantum Break/Bloodborne, it would be a shoo in for GOTY. I personally believe it will be that good.

Geniusgaming1535d ago

Yes, but all I am saying is that I think the driving mechanics might ruin the gaming experience...

linkenski1534d ago

I don't think it might. Even if the game was 100% batmobile it would still be pretty fun (that's not what I hope btw) that's how Rocksteady built it, so that the batmobile is a fun game in and of itself.

Even if it's 50% batmobile and 50% batman I'll still be satisfied most likely, even if I definitely prefer the subdued and smart approach just as batman.

linkenski1534d ago

OOokaayy? I saw the leaked footage and from what I could tell it's basically Arkham City's engine for combat but with a few new additions like Fear-takedowns and otherwise the game has the batmobile and a major artistic overhaul in design. In no way did City's gameplay grow stale. It was engaging from start to finish and far from being a simple button masher. Every predator fight was a puzzle in itself. I'm sure Knight will be no different, and throwing in the Batmobile there'll probably be moments where you have to combine the two playable "characters" to solve puzzles or beat a boss maybe.

WeAreLegion1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

Can someone please translate the article into English?

Fix the title, too. It makes no sense. Honestly, the whole article makes no sense. Rocksteady has never made a racing game, so the author assumes Arkham Knight will have poor driving mechanics. Who is approving this stuff?

Darkwatchman1534d ago

Did this kid really say if ONE aspect fails, so does the rest of the game? That may be true for certain types of games. If the fighting mechanics suck in a fighting game, then it fails, but in something more broad like an action adventure game/sandbox with many many mechanics, just ONE thing failing is not going to ruin the entire game.