TGS '14 - Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Shares the Scares | gamrReview Preview

gamrReview's Xavier Griffiths: "...As Moira I used the crowbar to open a locked door and walked through only to find a mutant creature running quickly towards us. I was both terrified and relieved when the demo ended there abruptly.

The Resident Evil: Revelations 2 demo was a fun, unsettling return to the series’ more traditional survival horror gameplay roots."

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gantarat1549d ago

i hope capcom release demo

nucky641548d ago

probably......but knowing Capcom, they won't release the full demo - they'll release 15 minute episodes of it first. LOL

Agent_hitman1549d ago

Based on YT videos, which are TGS 2014 demos that have been uploaded recently, I'm pretty sure that this game has the same engine as RE6. Which is good btw, PC gamers don't have to upgrade their PCs just to play this game.

Biohazard88601549d ago

Want a better "Single player" Survival horror buy the evil within. But ill say revelations 2 does look okay tho.

Inception1548d ago

I will buy and enjoy both games while other people busy complaining or bitching who had more action and less survival horror between the two.

Biohazard88601548d ago

Its not complaining nor bitching its just an opinion, And i most likely will buy both as well but at this point The evil within just looks far more promising with Shinji mikami the father of resident evil overseeing the project :) !

scark921548d ago

I agree with you in regards to the Numeral series of Resident Evils last two game trend (5 and 6) I enjoyed 5 but I thought it was a one off, I bought 6 expecting a Resident Evil game and was disappointing, though as much as I love Co-Op games, I want Resident Evil to be known as a Survival Horror again.
I do think it will come back, with this and the Remake coming, its a pattern showing.