Halo: The Master Chief Collection Preview - GameRevolution

GR: Microsoft and 343 Industries want to bring the entire Halo saga to Xbox One and this collection does exactly that with new graphics for Halo 2.

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acharlez1520d ago

Sooo excited for this game! Can't wait!

Foehammer1520d ago

An excellent preview, between TMCC and the positive previews of Forza Horizon 2 the holiday season is looking good.

insertcoin1520d ago

I've never really sat down and played Halo before, so this is the perfect chance to get into it, finally.

TwainBlockKid5551520d ago

Team swat on halo 3 again. =0 so excited, cause no one is ever on the 360 version. Halo 3 had all my favorite maps

JonnyBigBoss1520d ago

One of my most hyped of 2014!!!

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