Destiny: Don't Blame The Game

"Destiny's release has been one of the most controversial we've seen in a few years, splitting critics and players right down the middle. There's something a little bit Marmite about Bungie's latest sci-fi shooter - you either love it or you hate it.

The question we're asking is - does it deserve the hate? Sort of. Kinda. In a way. Not really." - TGC

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jockeynobler1379d ago

Shame its getting such hate its a blast online pvp with friends. I only have the 360 version but will be upgrading to xbox one this xmas!

ScottyHoss1379d ago

I'm not being a fan boy here, but do you really want to wait a year for dlc? I don't know your reasons for next generation though, not pushing you to either because they're both justifiable purchases, but it'll be a long wait man

76erz241379d ago

You do realize the amount of content Sony has exclusively is very small. Like one strike, one crucible map, and some guns and gear. The main DLCs (the first being the Dark below) come out at the same time on all consoles.

venom061379d ago

it does in a way deserve the bashing it's getting, but the REAL kulprits in the mess are the IGNs, that hyped this game to hell and back and didn't bash Activision like that should have when they didn't send out review copies (first sign of issues), but let that had been EA or other publisher not sending out review copies and they would've been MURDERED in the press. People need to read up on IGN conflict of interest with Activision and the IGN ProLeague. Now we as gamers are left holding the bag and out of $60.

ScottyHoss1379d ago

@76erz24 I didn't realize that, thank you for clarifying, I thought a year was a bit much. @venom06 I don't think it's a legitimate reason to bash a game because you don't get a review copy. Anyone who trusts Activision and IGN is a moron but bungie is very good at communication with gamers ( and did make a masterpiece of a game. Games cost $70 where I live for next Gen and for the first time I feel like I spent $70 on something of equal, or in my opinion greater, value.

equal_youth1379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

i think the game will be played a lot and all this hate will make it eventually just better. And therefore i find the critics are on the right way to force activision and bungie to step up their game and deliver something awesome to their new community. It clearly lacks a few mandatory things like a decent story and a living word. IMO it feels to empty and the Story besides the grimoir cards is just to hollow.

warczar1379d ago

Maybe the world would have a higher player count if the review scores weren't so low. The real disgusting part of the whole situation is Destiny is being held to a higher standard than any game ever. Could you imagine if COD was rated based on its story line? If Destiny is 6 then Killzone, with its pimp walking enemies, is a solid 3.

Mikelarry1379d ago

and i qoute

"Not to mention the claims that Destiny will be the shooter that redefines the genre, as spewed out by many publications in the run up to release"

I couldn't agree more with that extract. I think publishers and game developers should for their own good stop adding any sort of awards or extract from what these sites / journalist say to their marketing campaign advert because this could end up not benefiting them at all ending a franchise entirely because of " false hype"

Kilo_Brown1379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

Good article. I think the game has been bashed at a higher standard. Surely the game has faults, but the gameplay is very enjoyable. Seriously, they think this game is worse than Titanfall? Titanfall isn't even bad but I cannot even compare the different level Bungie has designed their game on. Regardless, it is a great game and under appreciated in my opinion.

maxxco1379d ago

Personally I don't love it - or hate it. It is a solid good game, not great, probably worth the money I spent tho.

I think people love (or hate it) based on the hype THEY believed. If someone truly believed this was going to be the best game ever then I'm pretty sure they were very disappointed.

Maybe people aren't used to seeing prime time ads for video games.

Kid-Prodigy-KP1379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

"Either way, Destiny doesn’t deserve the flack, it’s a decent game in its own right. Blame the hype created by the industry and if you’ve not yet played it, go in with realistic expectations and you may just find you’ll be pleasantly surprised"

*Claps* Finally someone tells it like it is.

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