Destiny: Day Three - Becoming Legend?

Harry Bowers writes: "Today, we feel the most pertinent question is this: Will Destiny last? It’s all well and good saying Destiny is a very, very good game. But even the best of games can lose their sparkle after time. Put simply, we wonder if Destiny holds the gravity to entice players past the story’s end credits."

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joab7771553d ago

All I know is that I am having a blast. Yeah, the story is a little weak right now, like Borderlands was, mostly b/c I am playing w/ friends.

Anyway, I was level 12, chose a Venus level 14 hard story mission w/ 2 friends. It's hard. I can't wait for Raids. It's gonna be epic.

And no one can really judge end game yet, but from what we know, it's gonna b great. I can't wait to get into dailies and level 20 hard content.

Letthewookiewin1553d ago

What the hell, "will it last" people are acting like it has a subscription fee. 60$ game for a SOLID month of really good gaming.

1553d ago