Kingdom Hearts III’s Square Enix Studio in Osaka Working on Online Multiplayer Game for Consoles

Square Enix’s Osaka Studio is currently hard at work on Kingdom Hearts III and is giving the finishing touches to Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix, but apparently they’re also working on something else.

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vishmarx1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

HOLY crap so this is what's probably teased in 2.5?
best not be a shooter lol
ya probably not.
this is most likely a mp component for kh3.
the title made it look like its a confirmed new game

well still excited,they better not disappoint in regards to xv
only a week left to find out.
ive a gut feeling were getting japanese release date.fall/early 2016
"a glimmer of that terrible illusion...hope"

Abriael1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

"See you again in Kingdom Hearts Online!"

People would riot, but I doubt that's what that "secret" movie is.

One thing is for sure, with all its worlds KH would really fit a MMO well.

Edit: I think a MP component for KH3 is pretty remote, or better it's most probably not what this is about. The title makes it look like it's a new game because that's what the ad makes it look.

It says "online multiplayer game" (オンラインマルチプレイゲーム) not for online multiplayer features of a game or anything similar. The wording definitely seem to indicate a dedicated online game, which KH3 isn't.

sonypsnow1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Disney wants Profit, "Kingdom Heart Online" could happen.

iamtehpwn1531d ago

It may feature an evolved version of something like the mirage arena in Birth by Sleep. Perhaps It could be a competitive or cooperative separate experience where you can play as various characters from the KH series in it's own separate component which could be awesome

-Foxtrot1532d ago

Kingdom Hearts better not have an online mode. We've been waiting so long for it, the last thing we need is to wait longer for them to finish stuff we never asked for.

randomass1711532d ago

Are you joking? I'd kill for an online co-op mode in KH. That way I don't have to rely on the AI when playing the game.

-Foxtrot1532d ago

The AI is fine, they aren't supposed to be up to your level in combat they are just there for support, having your friends control them would make everything too easy. In the end you shouldn't be relying on them too much.

Look it's Square Enix, the last thing we want from them is to waste there time on something like that instead of getting the game made and out the door. Let them focus their time and resources on features which matter.

Not every game needs online, this is one of them.

Abriael1532d ago

I'll chalk that as improbable. Maybe some social features.

randomass1711532d ago

That's silly. Why involve the AI characters if I'm not supposed to rely on them? The player is meant to be the main fighter but I like the idea of having friends control them for me. A 2P Sora/Riku team would be pretty awesome especially if they let players coordinate to do team attacks.

-Foxtrot1532d ago

Why involve the AI characters? Urm....story, that's why. They are central to the plot like the party members in a FF game.

They are there for support but if you honestly need to keep relying on them in battle that much then I'm sorry but you don't sound like a very good player. I usually have Goofy as my attack and Donald as my support so he heals me, that's it.

People keep saying they are sick of online being shoved into everything then people want something like this. I mean honestly it's mind boggling.

smashman981532d ago

They've done MP before and it worked really well. I would love to see a multiplayer mode that isnt forced onto the single player but rather an extention of it.

gangsta_red1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

Maybe they are taking the time to make multiplayer mode better. Maybe this is the reason it has taken so long.

I welcome a multiplayer mode, I am curious to see how they could do it for such an epic game.

"People keep saying they are sick of online being shoved into everything then people want something like this. I mean honestly it's mind boggling."

No Foxtrot, YOU KEEP SAYING this, others are not so negative every time a game announces a multiplayer feature to a game. That is truly the mind boggling part.

randomass1711531d ago

I never once complained about online being shoved into anything. I have WANTED a coop experience in Kingdom Hearts since the first game.

dcj05241531d ago

Why are you against online features of ganes alot? A seperate co-op mode would be wonderful.

-Foxtrot1531d ago

Because if they are not game franchises built up around co-op like Borderlands, L4D, Fable, Gears of War etc then they ruin the franchise.

We have plenty of games with online features, they don't need to be shoved into every game.

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oSHINSAo1532d ago

Maybe a MMO World of Kingdom Hearts? so, lets hope this is not a reason for another more delays

Jyndal1532d ago

I'd like to hear more about this before I jump to any conclusion.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1532d ago

"Hey we're putting it in Xbox so we must include multiplayer to appeal to that demographic ".

It better just be co-op or something.

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