What would the acquisition of Mojang by Microsoft mean for Minecraft?

GameZone's Lance Liebl: "As both a member of media and as a gamer, I'm intrigued by this potential acquisition and what it could mean for Minecraft in the future."

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Riggans421556d ago

As long as they keep it multi-platform it doesn't bother me that Microsoft is buying it. Also, does this mean that Mojang is only going to be doing Minecraft stuff moving forward?

BitbyDeath1556d ago

Yep, prepare to see some really awesome exclusive minecraft....

irishyort1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

@BitbyDeath bubble up... very funny!

bmf73641556d ago

It's not a matter of keeping the sales up for it as much as it is "supporting" the PSN versions. Valve cut off TF2 updates on console in 2008 but sales still sort-of continued of the Orange Box. People would still be able to buy Minecraft on PS4 but to won't be a "moreover updated" Xbox version.

aviator1891556d ago

The game will keep going like it is now on all platforms with patches and updates.
However, Microsoft platforms could see exclusive content and a potential Minecraft 2 could end up exclusive on xbox, pc, and handhelds. I'm just taking a guess though.

Antnee5341556d ago

Notch is making a sequel already

jackanderson19851556d ago

Not much. Mojang don't own the ip. It's owned by notch in a separate company

aviator1891556d ago

Really? Which company? I don't think such an expensive deal would go through unless Microsoft got the rights to the ip as well. In several of the articles I'm reading, Microsoft is clearly acquiring the minecraft franchise with minecraft sequel comments.

jackanderson19851556d ago

don't know the name of the company but last paragraph lays out the fee paid to licence minecraft which is owned by a separate company

aviator1891556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

Ah, I see.
Well, the only way I see this deal making any sense then is if Notch offered to sell his minecraft ip rights as well.
Otherwise...$2Bn just for a developer doesn't add up.
I'm sure we'll get a better picture of the final details in a while.

Ah, here ->

The $2Bn is for both Mojang and the Minecraft IP.

luis_spartano1556d ago

It would mean the death of the studio, just like every studio Microsoft buys.

aviator1891556d ago

I don't imagine Microsoft would screw over anyone with this purchase.
I believe their primary goal would be to get minecraft into as many hands as possible on all platforms. Minecraft generates good revenues and profits and would provide a good boost to their xbox division (possible justification to shareholders that the xbox business is good for Microsoft).

NukaCola1556d ago

LoL you're joking right? MS will release an Xbone exclusive, then a pior port to 360 and PC down the road. The franchise will slowly die.

aviator1891556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

I'm just giving an honest assessment on what a big company like ms would do with a huge, huge property like minecraft. Things are put into better perspective when you shareholders constantly harassing Microsoft on getting their xbox division together and make decent profits and yoy growth. If I was charged with minecraft and was leading xbox, I'd keep the game open to as many platforms as I can.

Now, I don't know their true intentions, but feel free to disagree.

Spotie1556d ago

It would be them trying to buy more talent, rather than developing it.

gangsta_red1556d ago

And what talent haven't they developed?

And what's the difference, do you want MS to take a bunch of college kids fresh out of video game school who never made a game in their life and leave it up to them to develop games for Xbox?

Or would you rather them buy another 1st party studio to add to their other 1st party studios to make games for the Xbox? Don't bother answering, we all know you hate MS and the Xbox so no matter what they do you would complain.

More studios mean more games, isn't that what gamers want for their system? Or now it matters how they got their?

700p1556d ago

you cant develop talent without buying talent.

Imalwaysright1556d ago

@ Hicken ´

Sony bought many studios too including Naugthy Dog which is, according to sony fanboys, the bestest and most talented dev studio in the world. Studios being bought by the big 3 isn't nothing new so what exactly is your point?

snarls2001556d ago

look at the quality of games nd has made since being bought by sony and compare it to the quality off games rare has made since being bought by ms.

qwerty6761556d ago

State of the Art, [FUN]ction Studios, Good Science, NP, and Platform Next.

are all first party studios announced this year from Microsoft, so i dont really get your point?

maniacmayhem1554d ago

Once again I see you are proven wrong Hicken, I would add to the fact that MS announced State of the Art, [FUN]ction Studios, Good Science, NP, and Platform Next as new 1st party studios but this has already been brought to your attention.

I would also like to know what talent MS hasn't developed.

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