Alien: Isolation PC Specs Released

The developers of Alien: Isolation have finally put out the PC requirements for their upcoming survival horror nightmare. Minimum requirements are surprisingly low, with not many shockers on the other end.

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rnmartinez1533d ago

Reasonable requirements are always good to see; the crazes that happen sometimes really drove me away from PC gaming in general.

kingduqc1532d ago

years ago you had 100% increase in gpu power each 9/12 months. Now it's more like 20% once every 12/18 months and 35% the following one. Slowed down a lot.

starchild1532d ago

Definitely pretty mild requirements. This game looks fantastic too, so it's nice to see the requirements aren't very high.

ninjahunter1532d ago

Oh wow, very scalable. Very surprising considering that the dev is known for very intensive games.

Mr Tretton1532d ago

Another big install though.

starchild1532d ago

Yeah, the quality of the assets used in most high end games this generation will tend to result in big install sizes.

SnakeCQC1532d ago

For such a short sp only game the install size is massive!?

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