Hands-On With The Strange Games In The Xbox 360 'Community Games' Beta

Patrick Klepek of MTV Multiplayer writes:"I've seen and played part of the future of Xbox Live: Community Games. It's a feature whose success relies on almost everyone but Microsoft."

"Community Games is the recently announced program that allows independent developers to publish games created using Microsoft's XNA Design Studio toolset. Gamers will be able to download these games through their Xbox Live account on a regular Xbox 360."

"Microsoft allowed me access to the Community Games beta, where I proceeded to download more than 10 completely user-created games."

"The current Community Games interface doesn't work well. It runs through the existing XBL interface, which XNA general manager Chris Satchell told fellow reporter Tracey John will change later this year."

"The beta is definitely not how it will look when we launch later in the year because we have to work with the current technologies; we're releasing more stuff later in the year," said Satchell. "So it's a little bit cumbersome to get through in the beta, and we're definitely ironing that out by the end of the year."

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