Fixed that for you: How the PS3 can go out in style

It may be on its way out, but that doesn't mean Sony shouldn't give its last-gen console a few tweaks to go out with a bang.

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badboyz091374d ago

It already did by outselling the Xbox 360.

MrSwankSinatra1374d ago

1. YES! YES! YES! That is what I've been advocating since the PS4 reveal event, if they were not going to put backwards compatibility in the PS4 then at least bring it back in the PS3. To this day I've always thought it was a stupid idea to remove that feature. My PS3 & PS4 are my main consoles right now and a lot of the time I get the itch to play PS1 & PS2 games, Bringing backwards compatibility back would make it very convenient for me and a lot of people too. Imagine having access to your entire PlayStation library with only two consoles. Not only that, but it would give the PS3 even more longevity than what it already has.

2. This is a possibility and would be a nice addition in a redesign.

3. I don't see this happening especially with the incoming PlayStation TV which sports a DS3.

4. I don't see thing happening either, especially when most people can access the internet with many other devices. Most people don't even bother with the PS3 browser, hell most people don't even bother with the PS4 browser.

5. YES!!! this is a must, the whole disc tray redesign was a bad idea.

6. Not sure about that one.

7. That's never happening.

8. Not sure about that one either.