Jaffe attacks Nintendo for insulting loyal fanbase Reports: God of War designer David Jaffe has launched an attack on Nintendo following the company's marketing director stating only "geeks and otaku" want more storage for the Wii.

Writing on his personal blog, Jaffe accuses Nintendo of snubbing its loyal fanbase for mainstream success, and says Laurent Fischer – who he incorrectly refers to as female – should be ashamed of his comments.

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3836d ago
jedistev3836d ago

even you are work for Sony PS..hat off to you

Silogon3836d ago

ahhaha, this guy is actually talking about Junior high school vocabulary and mentality? This guy? I say no more and rest my case. Dave, get back to work. Sony wants to hurry up and buy out your company like they do all independent dev's anymore.

Mr Fancy Pants3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

What are you talking about? Did you read the article? lol

SaiyanFury3836d ago

"Geeks and Otaku" (Otaku is not a friendly term in Japanese) want more storage. It seems to me that more people that love the Wii and it's virtual console want more storage than a mere 512MB. A great many people have complained about the Wii's lack of internal memory. A memory solution could be present in the form of external SD cards, but Nintendo firmware doesn't support that function. It seems to me that Nintendo is being it's old self and denying the general public what it wants and refuses to take action to meet demand. Just a simple observation, maybe I'm wrong. Jaffe's statement is quite critical, but who knows.

Mu5afir3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

It's a derogatory term meaning nerd / geek etc..
Otaku is only looked at positively in the west.

SaiyanFury3835d ago

Well it means more along the lines of fanatical fanboy as far as I remember, but thanks for pointing that out for people here. :)

mikeslemonade3836d ago

Wow Nintendo hasn't even reached domination like how Sony did with PS1 and PS2 and they're already mouthing off huh?

Skizelli3835d ago

They only single-handedly saved the gaming industry from collapse with the NES. And SNES wasn't too shabby, either. But that doesn't mean anything, right? I'm sure some of you weren't even born then. And with Wii outselling PS3 and 360, they have a little room to talk.

Lest we forget the comments Sony and Microsoft have made?

And no, I'm not a Nintendo fanboy.

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The story is too old to be commented.