Ninja Theory’s Hellblade Will Rely On Motion Capture and Story; Nariko’s Return? “Not in Hellblade”

Fans are definitely hungry for information on the upcoming “AAA Indie” game by Ninja Theory Hellblade, and the studio provided some more information about it.

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Omran1492d ago

so maybe in the near future they will make heavenly sword 2
I hope so, I didn't play the first one but saw a couple of videos of it and it looks awesome :)

crxss1492d ago

Motion capture and story... Just like other ninja theory games so not concerned. It's the gameplay that needs more focus

WeAreLegion1492d ago

She can't return in Hellblade. It's going to be a multi-plat and Sony owns the Heavenly Sword IP.

Neixus1492d ago

This game looks interesting. Love me some cool looking women =D

jakmckratos1492d ago

Seeing as how it's not a Sony game it'd be impossible to directly have Nariko in there unless NT worked out a deal with Sony. I doubt it seeing as I think Sony wants them to make another Heavenly Sword but they're not necessarily into the idea due to the fact they barely broke even with that game cash-wise

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