Silent Hills not out until 2016, may be open-world

The creator behind the upcoming pant-soiling horror title, Silent Hills, has suggested that the hotly anticipated project may not see the light of day until 2016.

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ShugaCane1496d ago

Well I wasn't expecting the game to come out any sooner. Kojima always takes time to polish his games and think of the best directions to take. I trust him and his decisions. This game will make us shit our pants, fingers crossed.

aCasualGamer1496d ago

Dam, this is a game i really don't want to be open world. I can't emphasize this enough, i reaaaally don't want this to be open world.

I want a somewhat linear story with many possibilites ala Last of Us or older Resident Evil and Silent Hill games. Not an open world like "here you are in a sandbox game, do whatever you want and hopefully youll find missions that scare the shit outta you"

I want a true fucking survival horror game with the same feeling the teaser envoked and same puzzle mechanics but in a larger context, not total free world. That's too much freedom and will ruin the experience.

dcj05241496d ago

Well it's not like they remade Japan. Wait and see.

EdoubleD1496d ago

I wonder how that'll pan out if it is indeed open world.

DoomeDx1496d ago

Actually, SH2 was open world too. SH3 too I believe.

Open World in silent hill terms doesn't mean Side quests, pedestrians and such. Its probably a linear open-world.. How awkward that might sound.

LightDiego1496d ago

Take your time. Kojima and Del Toro working together with Silent Hill it's insane.

Lionalliance1496d ago

Maybe that's why is called Silent Hills with and "S" at the end.

Summons751496d ago

I think they'll be 2 characters. Silent Hill has always been a reflection of someone tailer made for that character. Multiple hills may mean more than 1 character with everything being different as they try and find each other.

blakstarz1494d ago

I was thinking the same thing as well...with the "S" at the end I was thinking the adventure will span out past Silent Hill the town, like a whole new area or maybe making like Toluca Lake a whole new thing to explore via a boat or something.....

Either way, the teaser has sparked my interest waay up!

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The story is too old to be commented.