Local Multiplayer Should Not Be a Luxury

Hardcore Gamer: We shouldn't have to hold our breath for local multiplayer whenever a new game is announced.

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ValKilmer1217d ago

Neither should online multiplayer. Should always just have both available.

randomass1711217d ago

^This. If there's multiplayer then it should be local and online. Devs should stop cutting corners around them.

LAWSON721217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

It is not usually cutting corners, for example despite split screen being in Halo 4 it did not work well because of hardware limitations.

It is up to the developer to sacrifice graphics and processes to have a split screen option. Consoles are only capable of so much.

One does not simply just add local MP. It comes down to the focus of the game and a lot of the time local MP does not make the cut.

ErcsYou1217d ago

I like the idea of local multiplayer but split screen multiplayer sucks...

BitbyDeath1217d ago

I agree with this, every online multi-player game should allow for local multi-player.

That should be a standard among gaming.

GiggMan1217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

I've been screaming this for years. As much shit as the COD franchise gets one thing I can say is it allows local multiplayer. I will continue to support the franchise as long as they continue to do so.

It saves me from having to get two copies of the same game and the family can sit down and have fun, like I use to do back in the day. My wife and son are playing Ghost on the PS4 right now split screen online.

I've got B4, definitely picking up Destiny, and might get hard-line depending on reviews and stability. That's potentially 3 FPS's that are online multiplayer only. I don't have room for another shooter unless it is going to have split screen, even Advanced Warfare.

I hope they add it and I will buy it.

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user56695101217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

Agree. People are now defending buying half of a game until they buy the mp sub. Gotta love new age gamers. Didn't buy a xb360 because having to pay to play mp of a game I brought and I will not buy a ps4 for the same reason. Love ps consoles but every Gen is looking like more nickel and diming

As for local mp most of indie games have it but pub see that it's better to have gamers pay for their own copy. It the main reason why a lot of my friends buy cod because of local coop.

HOLDERofFOOD1217d ago


I agree about console limitations, but good devs easily find ways around them. Halo 4 runs terribly on any non-default map in split screen, agreed. However, Halo 3 ran wonderfully, and that's not just because Halo 4 looked better as a whole. It's because in split screen on Halo 3 the graphics were downgraded to a point where the frame rate could still run properly while it still easily looked nice enough to maintain the same level of playability. They should have just found ways to take stress off the hardware, I don't care if that means lower resolution textures and what not, it worked fine in Halo 3. They just messed up. That's my opinion.

Relientk771217d ago

Agree, I love playing local multiplayer with friends

Nathan1701217d ago

Why is so difficult to have local multiplayer?
It could have been easily in:
Killzone MP
Bf4 MP
Titanfall MP
Gta V MP
The list goes on and on and on...

LAWSON721217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

No it could not and don't act like you know how easy it would be. Unless of course you have a history in video game development

Here are examples of the demand split screen requires
Mario Kart 8 to my knowledge takes a big res or FPS drop to support the function and Halo 4s split screen did not work well due to the limitations of the system.

RedDeadLB1217d ago

What do you mean it didn't work well because of the limitations of the system? I played Halo 4 splitscreen coop with a friend and it seemed just fine to me, and I'm sensitive to framerate drops.

Nathan1701217d ago

I was overreacting,but don't you think that isn't possible those games to have splitscreen especially on current gen versions.
It may take some resources,but I think is doable

LogicStomper1217d ago


Ever tried playing online split-screen multiplayer on Complex? It is a frame-rate drop-fest.

MurDocINC1217d ago

Local MP renders 2 to 4 times the screen, that can make hardware crawl. It requires graphics/assets overhaul, so it's not easy at all.

oODEADPOOLOo1217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

felt same about The order since its a squad based game, but seemed to annoy some people when I talked about it. If not local then just sets its self up as a co-op game.

Summons751217d ago

Local multiplayer is always better than Multi, it sucks devs are ignoring the fact people want to play together and force people to be online. The WiiU has been amazing so far with local multiplayer, especially since they have a way to eliminate the 2 player split screen with the gamepad.

danny8181217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

I enjoy multiplayer only because I game alon but when friends are over and all we have is shitty ghost to play together and are limited to two players then there is a problem

isarai1217d ago

Exactly, i find it so ironic that MP games are actually pushing me and my friends apart these days as they only work online. so to play together they have to be back at home. I mean it's SERIOUSLY messed up when racing games don't even have split screen anymore, like WTF MAN!

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