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VooFoo Studios' Pure Pool is a fun billiards simulation aimed at an older set who most likely will appreciate its in-game accolades, customization and emphasis on career building, leveling and online play. The music is cool too.

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Nathan1701456d ago

I'll just wait for hustle kings on ps4.Don't want to spend money on a pool game.

SpinalRemains1381456d ago

Hustle Kings is way more realistic in terms of physics anyway.

This game looks pretty, but plays like bizarro world.

ind1fference1456d ago

I'm not that familiar with Hustle Kings. The last pool game I put time into was Backyard Billiards on the 360. According to wikipedia Hustle Kings is coming soon and will be free-to-play. I suspect that Pure Pool is VooFoo studios' new pool game though.