Shovel Knight Developer: “Wii U has a very high game attach rate.”

Yacht Club Games created a sales blog for their new popular game, Shovel Knight. Implies Nintendo gamers will buy your game if you work hard.

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ind1fference1344d ago

Any success for Wii U 3rd parties is good news.

ind1fference1344d ago

Agreed. The future is now.

Geekman1344d ago

Imagine an HD Shovel Knight.

All_Consoles1344d ago

Geekman, both the wiiU and pc versions run in full HD

3-4-51344d ago

IF your game is good,and fun, people will buy it.

ind1fference1344d ago

The real question is - will enough people buy it?

deafdani1343d ago

If things were as simple as that.

The Wonderful 101 is a superb game, loads of fun, unique, high production values, exclusive to Wii U, and all that jazz... but it sold like shit.

There's many more factors at play to a games' success (or flop) than just quality and fun factor. Marketing, time, opportunity, cultural context in which the game is released, competition, understanding of the product from the public, publisher support, etc, etc, etc... all of those (and more) are factors that play a crucial role in a game's performance in the market... and even when all of those factors are seemingly right for a game, it can still flop because of simple bad luck.

Thankfully, Shovel Knight was apparently the right product, made under the right circumstances, for the right platforms, so it was a success.

But having a successful game on this market is incredibly hard nowadays, more so if your game is a new, unproven IP.

fonger081344d ago

Shovel Knight is a fantastic game, their sales on this for both the Wii U and PC are well deserved.

TheVideoGamHer1344d ago

Yes they are! I love how humble they've been with their success.

randomass1711344d ago

Glad I could add to this game's success. These devs really deserve all the sales they get. :)

mshope101344d ago

Shovel knight is one of the best games Ive played in years. It's on of my favorite wii u games.and playing it on just the gamepad is perfect!

deafdani1344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

I'm happy I contributed a bit to this nice story, although I bought the 3DS version. Shovel Knight is a pretty good nice little indie game. Not my favorite, but still pretty good.


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