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Xbox One vs PS4: Microsoft doesn’t intend to throw in the towel just yet

Microsoft's Phil Spencer acknowledges the fact that Xbox One is the underdog against the PS4, but he still intends on winning the console wars in the end. (Phil Spencer, PS4, Xbox One)

Septic  +   468d ago
They would be silly to do that anyway. They may still be reeling from the poor decisions from early on in the X1's life cycle but they sure as heck are putting up an admirable fight.

Bring on the games!
Minimoth  +   468d ago
Hopefully they can dish out a few more exclusives and make the fight more even. No one likes to see a one-sided war.
Septic  +   468d ago
They have no choice now but to deliver more exclusives. They cannot rely on third party titles as much because the PS4 will always have an advantage in that regard unless they buy out exclusivity periods like with Tomb Raider, which I imagine are ridiculously expensive.

This is what I was saying ages ago; this is the position MS deserves to be in and one that we gamers benefit from as they scramble and strive to please us.

Call me naive but I think finally, we will also see 'proper' use of Rare and their IP's in a manner which we imagined all those years ago.
donthate  +   468d ago

More importantly I think Phil Spencer is in charge. He is a huge gamer himself so I don't doubt we will get more games, exclusive or not.

What I want to see is MS expanding games into different areas. MS almost singlehandedly expanded console gaming into multiplayer games, and I hope they will continue to innovate, and not just exclusives after exclusives.

After a while, exclusives gets boring with the same mechanics as well.

That is why it is good to see Sony attempt VR, although I am skeptical about it. Hope MS does more with Kinect as well.

As platform holders, MS, Sony and Nintendo are all in a position to expand the platform.
come_bom  +   468d ago
Since multiplatform games will always be worse on the X1, Microsoft needs exclusives, not timed exclusives. Gamers buy consoles essentially for it's exclusives.
It was smart of them to have Tomb Raider exclusive, but not so smart to have it timed exclusive. Timed exclusive Tomb Raider will sell a few consoles, but not so much as if it was a complete exclusive.
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Gamer1982  +   468d ago
Give them 1 more year and if they don't outsell PS4 in one month in that year they will try to sell the division once again or call it quits. Shareholders do not want the xbox division anyway so the fact its getting blown away with already 2:1 (sonys sold to ms SHIPPED) sales world wide has got to put pressure on the xbox division tremendously.

Last generation thanks to being early and getting having a cheaper console MS stayed ahead for a long time and that kept shareholders off their back. That's not there this time.
come_bom  +   468d ago
The don't need to outsell the PS4, and I think they've already realised it will be difficult to do so. They aiming for a hefty profit in the Xbox division. It has been profitable in the last few years, with the exception of last year (X1 launch). If the xbox division isn't profitable in a year or two, then that's a different story...
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ThePope  +   468d ago
Last gen MS took so much market share not because of the year head start or the cheaper price (which was only cheaper fro a year) but because they brought a pure vision to the table. Amazing online service, exclusives, controller, and XBLA. Everyone (well Sony fanboys) are giving so much props to Sony over indies when from day one MS was bringing amazing downloadable experiences through XBLA.

I get that most gamers aren’t also business minded people so they may not understand some of the finer points. If the market can support three consoles, then these companies will be successful. The fact is that MS doesn't need the X1 to be first to be successful. It’s all about profit.
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Sayai jin  +   468d ago
Why would they? We are 9 or so months into this gen.
700p  +   468d ago
I also think those bundles are gonna help tremendously. They have 4 bundles, 3 with no extra cost for the games. Fifa,Madden,and Sunset overdrive which comes with a white xbox/controller. Then of course that call of duty bundle with a customized console/controller with 1 TB. Some great moves.
Immorals  +   468d ago
In a 'console war', nobody wins.

I'd rather a company concentrate on giving the best service they can rather than fueling the childish notion of a war for 14 year olds.
Minimoth  +   468d ago
Well yeah but this competition makes it so that both companies try a little bit harder in order to win this imaginary war.
Immorals  +   468d ago
Healthy competition is fine, and good for the industry, but a blown up 'war' has led to things like destiny exclusive content, tomb raider timed exclusive and much more to follow. That's nothing but bad news for the consumer.
die_fiend  +   468d ago

Nobody wins? I think 10m versus 5m is a win isn't it? Let me guess, you're a Xboner
JorboTron  +   468d ago
What do they win? If they are in the black then they "win"... I guess. Who was the winner last gen? Did we have a celebration and put a gold medal on nintendos neck? With a silver on Sony and bronze on Microsofts? The only thing these companies care about is getting a return on their investment. Just shut up and enjoy the games. Sony and Microsoft have their own marketing dept. They don't need you going around starting flame wars.
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ps4fanboy  +   468d ago
If they did throw in the towel , which of course they won't and can't , no one would by a single *one* of Microsoft's products again.
Gamer1982  +   468d ago
Your right dumping the console after a couple of years that's so un-microsoft.. Oh wait no its not.. They did the exact same thing with the original xbox.. People still lapped up the 360..
fermcr  +   468d ago
Sony did the same thing with the PSP, and they're doing the same thing with the PS Vita. So what's your point? ... or are you that blind that didn't notice it?

Basically, if a product is not successful, the manufacture stop supporting it sooner or later. Simple as that.
The original Xbox wasn't successful, in spite of being a much better piece of hardware then the PS2... but PS2 had the games and that's what counts.
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Immorals  +   468d ago
The sooner last gen is dumped, the sooner will will get more 'next gen' games. Cross gen is just holding devs back. I know many people who don't see the point of upgrading, as most games are coming out on 360 too.
Septic  +   468d ago
"Your right dumping the console after a couple of years that's so un-microsoft.."

Actually, they built the Xbox 360 on the back of the Xbox brand. The original Xbox paved the way for the brand that exists now. And people 'lapped' up the 360 because it was a good console and one which built upon the strengths of its predecessors.
castillo  +   468d ago
Actually that happened due to a disagreement with the chip maker of the original Xbox and seeing as how they need to do something they brought out the 360.
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strangeaeon  +   468d ago
You do know why they had to stop production of the original Xbox, right?
Tito08  +   468d ago
@fermcr- Not really the same thing for the fact PSP sold around 80m vs XBox 24m, Vita released 7-8 years after PSP while 360 released 4 years after OG XBox, and it's now this year that Sony fully discontinued it after 9-10 years on the market, do not bring misinformation partner.
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castillo  +   468d ago
Have internal studios create new IPs or out right buy the IPs you fund .Enough with this timed crap & go elsewhere BS deals .
Inzo  +   468d ago
No one said they should.
Inzo  +   468d ago
"Microsoft's Phil Spencer acknowledges the fact that Xbox One is the underdog against the PS4, but he still intends on winning the console wars in the end."

And by that he means inside the US right, because he can forget about outside of it, its just not going to happen.
Immorals  +   468d ago
Don't forget about us in the UK!
ChronoJoe  +   468d ago
Has a console ever caught up in the console war out of curiosity? Sure the Wii lost its momentum eventually, but it was a little late, and I doubt the PS3 or 360 will overtake its global sales.

The PS3 came from behind and 'beat' the 360, but it wasn't quite the same. It just launched late, actual sales figures were higher year on year so it was a clear outcome from the start.
Tony-A  +   468d ago
If we look back to previous generations, it tends to be the console with the best public image within the first year of availability that wins the war on sales.

Granted, there have been generations in the past where more than one or even all consoles have good public image, but there's always one that has a broader mass appeal that takes it. The NES, SNES, PlayStation, PS2, Wii and PS4. Of course, the Wii ended with probably the worst public image, but that first year was Nintendomania and nobody had a bad thing to say about it (added to mass appeal).

This time around, the Wii U had a negative image due to it's awful name and successor to a console that ended up with the worst image. MS then went and made it easy for Sony by completely trying to screw console gamers into some sort of "screw what you want, this is what you need" mentality. Sony simply said "... You know everything they just said? Yeah, we're not gonna do that." Crowd goes wild, PS4 becomes the poster child and here we are today.

Of course, developer support fuels all, and it looks like Sony took hold of that this generation like they did in their first two (although on a smaller scale).
TheTwelve  +   468d ago
The PS3 did come back but last gen was more about who got/lost momentum for this gen.
Lennoxb63  +   468d ago
MS is not going to give up. They got beat before by the PS2, got back up with the 360. So I expect the trend to follow this gen.
Gamer1982  +   468d ago
Completely differn't game that defeat with the original xbox was just silly MS didn't even try as PS2 was already miles ahead at that time. That did span the idea of whoever launches first has a massive advantage so they rushed the 360 and thus RROD was born. They also dropped the original xbox like a sack of potatos after 2-3 years support. I think the dreamcast got more games! So they didnt get beat that gen, they weren't even in the race.
Lennoxb63  +   468d ago
The original Xbox was definitely in the race. They had a bunch of original content like Halo, Project Gotham Racing etc, that pushed console sales. Sure they were late in the race but they did a lot of catching up.
lemoncake  +   468d ago
Xbox is always the underdog, they have to fight hard for every inch, the big difference this time around is they made the error of thinking they weren't the underdog at the start.
Gamer1982  +   468d ago
They didn't learn from Sonys mistakes last generation. Plus instead of thinking how can we sell the maximum amount of consoles. They thought, how can we maximize profits on consoles and push out the competition completely? It massively backfired as Sony offered people an easier, cheaper option.
edonus   468d ago | Spam
BitbyDeath  +   468d ago
@edonus, you don't actually believe any of what you just wrote do you?

Otherwise we might have to get the men in white coats around to your place, stat.
Ballsack  +   468d ago
Lol @edonus

What lies have the media said?.drm? Weaker hardware? How ms said the xbox one cannot work without the camera and 9months later we a kinectless sku?

How major Nelson said 'we are not giving away power '...or not fully disclosing that tomb raider is indeed a timed exclusive?

Im really trying to understand what lies the media have said about the xbox one

As for ms building a console for adults..we adults WORK.. Have responsibilities so DRM ..would it really work for us adults?Having to switch on the console every 24hours when we have more important things going on like providing for our families...when you become an adult youll understand.

As for dx12 ..phil has also stated it wont be the all seeing all being power upgrade you xbox fanboys are praying for...its a minor bump that will help developers..it will in no shape or form do the job of hardware..hardware power that the xbox one will alwayd trail ps4 in.

Think before you type
PinkCrocodile75  +   468d ago
@ballsack - in regards to:

"As for ms building a console for adults..we adults WORK.. Have responsibilities so DRM ..would it really work for us adults?Having to switch on the console every 24hours when we have more important things going on like providing for our families...when you become an adult youll understand. "

I'm an adult and don't see the problem with leaving the console in standby permanently connected via wfi and it would do the job.

Also as an adult I buy games new and don't ever sell them. So the original aim of the Xbox One wasn't a problem for me.

I buy new games for the boy and I and we play them. The Xbox is always connected.. So what!

Their original vision didn't bother me. I wasn't shocked by them. I've had their last 3 systems and they have all been great. Both my boys and I have not had any issues with them.

I'm not saying other people didn't but the meadia did make a mountain out of a molehill on that one

OK So now they have changed track and are gearing up for a more competitive race. I'm not going to hit them over the head for adapting to the situation. So they are the underdog, it just means they will fight harder... I can't wait to see what they do next.
Tito08  +   468d ago
@ edonus- Of course, XBox One have way more weapons than PS4, so many guns it has, I like the one that has like a chainsaw in it, very huge selection of weaponry to be totally honest.

@ Pink Crocodile75- What last 3 systems? 1. Xbox 2. XBox 360, what's their 3rd console that isn't the XBox One, and never seen a pink Crocodile in my life, sorry, but you don't sound like an adult, more like a manchild.
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asmith2306  +   468d ago
I hope MS do stay around even though I don't like their business strategy in the last few years. And it's good that Sony are on top again. If that didn't happen MS wouldn't be trying to clean up it's image. Same thing happened when MS went out in front last gen when Sony got arrogant. It forced Sony to clean up their image as well. As long as the scale always tips between MS and Sony console gamers will always have a great console to buy, either one depending on how each is doing.
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corroios  +   468d ago
They need to start working for the next gen. They must create or buy new studios. They must bring new Ip and not the same formula (Halo,gears,forza). They must built a powerfull, cheap and easy to work machine.

The must cut all the PR crap (DX12, SDK, Cloud, Rez doesnt matter, frames...)

They have the money to do all that and more, but this question is are they gonna do it?
Lennoxb63  +   468d ago
DX12,SDK,Cloud, is not PR crap. Wow where do you get it from. DX12 is MS' new api, the SDK is already out and working, and the Cloud is being used currently. What are you talking about?
Spotie  +   467d ago
It's all PR crap because it's attempting to hide the disparity in power between the PS4 and XB1.

People hear those terms and latch onto them, believing they will allow the XB1 to match or even surpass the PS4 in capability. That's not possible, though.
sGIBMBR  +   468d ago
Microsoft won't throw in the towel, and if for some reason they ever did, it would be bad for gamers everywhere.

I am a PS4 gamer primarily, but you have to realise that competition is good, and is what strives Sony to be as good as they are.
gamer7804  +   468d ago
why is it necessary for an "underdog" to "throw in the towel" half of the competitors in professional sports are "underdogs". Why would all of them need to quit? It makes no sense. We need underdogs to push the medium forward.
SaveFerris  +   468d ago
True. That's what 2nd and 3rd place is for. They are there to ensure 1st place 'earns' the win.
Jury  +   468d ago
Well Phil, in the words of the Rolling Stones; "you can't always get what you want"
poor_cus_of_games  +   468d ago
Microsoft is in no way the underdog. Behind in sale's yes but in no way by the definition of being a underdog.
HanzoHattori  +   468d ago
If Microsoft and their 1st party studios develop games that people actually want to play, Xbox One sales would go up. To date, the only xb1 game exclusive to the Xbox brand that has seen any real success is Titanfall.
strangeaeon  +   468d ago
Answering questions that were never asked in the first place is an underhanded way of encouraging a negative dialog and undermining the competition.
Macdaddy71  +   468d ago
If you look at the top 10 game sales 5 out of 10 are 360!!! So that tells you more people still playing the 360, then the Ps4... Xbox one will sell good after the 360 gamers move on to X1... We all know that most ps3 guys done moved to ps4....
LeCreuset  +   468d ago
There are some perplexing comments popping up in response to console sales data.

1) Your data is limited to North America, MS' strongest market.

2) Over 30% of PS4 hardware was sold to people that owned a Wii or Xbox, but not a PS3, last gen, while nearly half of PS4 owners didn't own a PS3.

3) PS3 outsold 360 for the last two NPDs and continues to be more popular worldwide.

4) You can't just go making arguments that are completely detached from reality, even if MS did it first. Trying to argue that 360 owners are the ones who have been satisfied with their system while PS3 owners have been starved just flies in the face of reality. I don't know what to say. I'm at a loss for words. It's mental gymnastics at the most absurd level, in which the participants should be awarded with something beyond a gold medal. A platinum medal. I don't know. It's so ridiculous. Saying that PS3 owners have been more satisfied is almost not even a subjective statement, at this point.
MegaRay  +   468d ago
Not sure of 360 guys but PS3 owners still have LOTS of games incoming, mostly from Japan studios :P
Predaking77  +   468d ago
MS will have a hard time convincing shareholders that already wants to drop the Xbox division.

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