Xbox One vs PS4: Microsoft doesn’t intend to throw in the towel just yet

Microsoft's Phil Spencer acknowledges the fact that Xbox One is the underdog against the PS4, but he still intends on winning the console wars in the end.

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Septic1315d ago

They would be silly to do that anyway. They may still be reeling from the poor decisions from early on in the X1's life cycle but they sure as heck are putting up an admirable fight.

Bring on the games!

Minimoth1315d ago

Hopefully they can dish out a few more exclusives and make the fight more even. No one likes to see a one-sided war.

Septic1315d ago

They have no choice now but to deliver more exclusives. They cannot rely on third party titles as much because the PS4 will always have an advantage in that regard unless they buy out exclusivity periods like with Tomb Raider, which I imagine are ridiculously expensive.

This is what I was saying ages ago; this is the position MS deserves to be in and one that we gamers benefit from as they scramble and strive to please us.

Call me naive but I think finally, we will also see 'proper' use of Rare and their IP's in a manner which we imagined all those years ago.

donthate1315d ago


More importantly I think Phil Spencer is in charge. He is a huge gamer himself so I don't doubt we will get more games, exclusive or not.

What I want to see is MS expanding games into different areas. MS almost singlehandedly expanded console gaming into multiplayer games, and I hope they will continue to innovate, and not just exclusives after exclusives.

After a while, exclusives gets boring with the same mechanics as well.

That is why it is good to see Sony attempt VR, although I am skeptical about it. Hope MS does more with Kinect as well.

As platform holders, MS, Sony and Nintendo are all in a position to expand the platform.

come_bom1315d ago (Edited 1315d ago )

Since multiplatform games will always be worse on the X1, Microsoft needs exclusives, not timed exclusives. Gamers buy consoles essentially for it's exclusives.
It was smart of them to have Tomb Raider exclusive, but not so smart to have it timed exclusive. Timed exclusive Tomb Raider will sell a few consoles, but not so much as if it was a complete exclusive.

Gamer19821315d ago

Give them 1 more year and if they don't outsell PS4 in one month in that year they will try to sell the division once again or call it quits. Shareholders do not want the xbox division anyway so the fact its getting blown away with already 2:1 (sonys sold to ms SHIPPED) sales world wide has got to put pressure on the xbox division tremendously.

Last generation thanks to being early and getting having a cheaper console MS stayed ahead for a long time and that kept shareholders off their back. That's not there this time.

come_bom1315d ago (Edited 1315d ago )

The don't need to outsell the PS4, and I think they've already realised it will be difficult to do so. They aiming for a hefty profit in the Xbox division. It has been profitable in the last few years, with the exception of last year (X1 launch). If the xbox division isn't profitable in a year or two, then that's a different story...

ThePope1315d ago (Edited 1315d ago )

Last gen MS took so much market share not because of the year head start or the cheaper price (which was only cheaper fro a year) but because they brought a pure vision to the table. Amazing online service, exclusives, controller, and XBLA. Everyone (well Sony fanboys) are giving so much props to Sony over indies when from day one MS was bringing amazing downloadable experiences through XBLA.

I get that most gamers aren’t also business minded people so they may not understand some of the finer points. If the market can support three consoles, then these companies will be successful. The fact is that MS doesn't need the X1 to be first to be successful. It’s all about profit.

Sayai jin1315d ago

Why would they? We are 9 or so months into this gen.

700p1315d ago

I also think those bundles are gonna help tremendously. They have 4 bundles, 3 with no extra cost for the games. Fifa,Madden,and Sunset overdrive which comes with a white xbox/controller. Then of course that call of duty bundle with a customized console/controller with 1 TB. Some great moves.

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Immorals1315d ago

In a 'console war', nobody wins.

I'd rather a company concentrate on giving the best service they can rather than fueling the childish notion of a war for 14 year olds.

Minimoth1315d ago

Well yeah but this competition makes it so that both companies try a little bit harder in order to win this imaginary war.

Immorals1315d ago

Healthy competition is fine, and good for the industry, but a blown up 'war' has led to things like destiny exclusive content, tomb raider timed exclusive and much more to follow. That's nothing but bad news for the consumer.

die_fiend1315d ago


Nobody wins? I think 10m versus 5m is a win isn't it? Let me guess, you're a Xboner

JorboTron1315d ago (Edited 1315d ago )

What do they win? If they are in the black then they "win"... I guess. Who was the winner last gen? Did we have a celebration and put a gold medal on nintendos neck? With a silver on Sony and bronze on Microsofts? The only thing these companies care about is getting a return on their investment. Just shut up and enjoy the games. Sony and Microsoft have their own marketing dept. They don't need you going around starting flame wars.

ps4fanboy1315d ago

If they did throw in the towel , which of course they won't and can't , no one would by a single *one* of Microsoft's products again.

Gamer19821315d ago

Your right dumping the console after a couple of years that's so un-microsoft.. Oh wait no its not.. They did the exact same thing with the original xbox.. People still lapped up the 360..

fermcr1315d ago (Edited 1315d ago )

Sony did the same thing with the PSP, and they're doing the same thing with the PS Vita. So what's your point? ... or are you that blind that didn't notice it?

Basically, if a product is not successful, the manufacture stop supporting it sooner or later. Simple as that.
The original Xbox wasn't successful, in spite of being a much better piece of hardware then the PS2... but PS2 had the games and that's what counts.

Immorals1315d ago

The sooner last gen is dumped, the sooner will will get more 'next gen' games. Cross gen is just holding devs back. I know many people who don't see the point of upgrading, as most games are coming out on 360 too.

Septic1315d ago

"Your right dumping the console after a couple of years that's so un-microsoft.."

Actually, they built the Xbox 360 on the back of the Xbox brand. The original Xbox paved the way for the brand that exists now. And people 'lapped' up the 360 because it was a good console and one which built upon the strengths of its predecessors.

ScorpiusX1315d ago (Edited 1315d ago )

Actually that happened due to a disagreement with the chip maker of the original Xbox and seeing as how they need to do something they brought out the 360.

strangeaeon1315d ago

You do know why they had to stop production of the original Xbox, right?

Tito081315d ago (Edited 1315d ago )

@fermcr- Not really the same thing for the fact PSP sold around 80m vs XBox 24m, Vita released 7-8 years after PSP while 360 released 4 years after OG XBox, and it's now this year that Sony fully discontinued it after 9-10 years on the market, do not bring misinformation partner.

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ScorpiusX1315d ago

Have internal studios create new IPs or out right buy the IPs you fund .Enough with this timed crap & go elsewhere BS deals .

Inzo1315d ago

No one said they should.

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