Quantum Break Creator on Living with Consequence- Gamescom 2014

IGN - Remedy's founder Sam Lake discusses what choice means for Xbox One's unique action/sci-fi game Quantum Break.

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DarkOcelet1404d ago

Max payne , Alan wake and now Quantum Break , Remedy knows how to deliver an amazing experience and am sure this one will amaze me :)

AngelicIceDiamond1404d ago

I agree.

Quantum Break is on the top of my list. The dynamic lighting, the graphics and the insane looking physics and overall attention to detail is that "Remedy Quality Seal Of Approval"

Can't wait.

christocolus1404d ago

I agree too.

Its amazing how good the game looks and this is a 1st gen xbox one game..i've watched that demo over and over again. The ripple and particle effects are off the charts. Ive never doubted the talents at remedy and i knew they wouldn't let me down now. Hopefully we get Alan wake2 after QB.

noctis_lumia1404d ago

still looks worse than the order and uncharted 4
but hey kudos u have a xbox game to look forwards

mixolydian_id1404d ago

It's looking undoubtedly like a big hit.

It probably won't have the same longevity as the standard FPS experience, but I am pleased to see the story driven linearity is thrown all over the place by "junction" decisions.

Going to be very cool.

Just how does the TV stuff integrate though?

donthate1404d ago

I cannot wait for this game. I think the overall experience will be just oustanding!

Cannot wait for the TV Show integration as well. My most anticipated game since Titanfall!


Yeah, I don't think it will have a multiplayer component, but why marr a great game with an experience just to extends it longevity that likely won't be good.

I hope we are moving beyond that. Replayability in this game, I hope is closer to Mass Effect with different paths and hopefully multiple endings that matter ala Mass Effect (the first one!)

NukaCola1404d ago

I like the art style. It's a little bit clay-like but looks unique and smooth.

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DanielGearSolid1404d ago

That gameplay vid disappointed me

Eonjay1404d ago

I felt the same way, but I think that it was presenting basic mechanics. Listening to him describe how you can use your environment strategically. I hope they can keep the gameplay fresh so it doesn't start to feel. Repetitive. If they can pull that off it will be amazing.

But the key here is time is breaking down. Now I am fascinated to see if they can bring that concept to fruition because it is very complex. But that makes the possibilities endless. In this reguard, I think it may be wise they they have chosen a "multli - point of view" approach instead of a "chose your own adventure approach". This seems a little easier to grasp.

DanielGearSolid1404d ago

Yes just the way they presented it

Looked repetitive. The time powers looked cool once or twice but over and over. Nah.

And the walking around in frozen time looked cool, but it was still just walking around...

Time breaking down is an incredible theme for the plot tho

Agent20091404d ago

Why does it have to be exclusive to Xbox One?

AngelicIceDiamond1404d ago

Why not what's wrong with that?

DarkOcelet1404d ago

Because ms paid for its resources just like nintendo did with bayonetta 2 .

AngelicIceDiamond1404d ago

Lol umm that's not right. That's not right at all.

Bayonetta 2 almost didn't happen if it wasn't for Nintendo. While Quantum Break was in the works within MS since the beginning.

Quantum Break wasn't just floatin around in obscurity Bayonetta.

And Remedy is second party also. You now the same guys who created Alan Wake for 360.

DarkOcelet1404d ago

I believe remedy said ms helped them with the resources , that is what i remember and know they made Alan Wake , finshed it 4 times .

pandehz1404d ago (Edited 1404d ago )

Same reason why Uncharted cant be on XBO.

Lord-Nicon1404d ago

Same reason why Uncharted or God of war is a PS exclusive.

OpieWinston1404d ago

Because MS fully funded the project...

700p1404d ago

Because remedy is a second party developer and they only make games for xbox.

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noctis_lumia1404d ago

another third cover person shooter...
no thx

marcofdeath1404d ago

From textures to the models. If you think that XB1 is still a 1.3TF console your a fool....
1080p no black bars.

MadSientist891404d ago (Edited 1404d ago )

well if its not 1.3 then that the f is it? >.<

ziggurcat1404d ago


1. It is 1.3TF - that GPU spec is fact, there's nothing hidden... and there's no NVIDIA GPU inside, either (why you seem to believe that is beyond all comprehension).

2. Calling someone a fool while using incorrect grammar just makes *you* look like the fool.

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