Pre-Orders Declining, But Why Were They Important In The First Place And What Happens Now?

8CN: We’ve been preaching against pre-orders and the damage that they do to the gaming industry for awhile now. By offering exclusive pre-order bonuses for separate retailers they’ve created a system in which consumers cannot purchase the complete game. Unless we purchase the game half a dozen times we’ll always be missing out. Now, Eric Hirshberg, Activision Publishing President and CEO, is saying that Destiny having the highest pre-order numbers of any new IP in history isn’t that big a deal, and it feels something like a victory.

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wolfcreek1442d ago

People are tired of pre ordering a game sometimes 8 months to a year before release.

thorstein1442d ago

But sometimes that is the only way to get the special editions and it prevents the lunacy of "launch day" specials.

DEEBO1442d ago

Yeah why reserve a game that's like a year from release?I use to reserve games all the time but now i just wait until it comes out or a week before the game is release.

I do part time at gamestop and i hate always bugging customers with the reserve crap some people just want to be left alone.
I do feel sorry for my fellow employees that really need their job because a bad week can mean less hours.

But no more sitting on my cash or store credit,i have a bank account already. lol
Some people will have reserve just sitting on the system and forget about it and most employees(yes i did it too but now i am different)will not tell you because
they don't want to have a cancel reserve.

SMH forgive me gaming community.