Dates, Dates, And More Dates! Your Guide To The PS3 Retail Calendar.

PS3 games release guide for US,UK,Japan & Austraila.

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malachi234411d ago

Ok those dates are wrong, i see games listed as comming out in the UK as December 2006 even though the PS3 is'nt out over here till march (SO THEY SAY)

PS360PCROCKS4411d ago

haha I didn't notice that, but my god their is a plethora of games set for March, my god, with my 360 and my buddies PS3, how will I play all these games, cause I'm looking forward to Motorstorm and Lair. Lair just looks magnificent

super bill4411d ago

most of those games are cross when they come out for the ps3 in europe those games will be old hat on the 360 what a waste of money that ps3 is.