Sony Ranks Gamescom As High As E3, No Plans To Change PS4's Sub Account Functionality

"Gamescom is easily the most important games event after E3. The event allows developers and publishers to give their games a launching pad before the all important holiday season."

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iamnsuperman1600d ago

It is crazy how much gamescom has come along in recent years. Every year we get talk about how gamescom might take over E3 in importance

XiNarutoUzumaki1600d ago (Edited 1600d ago )

This makes sense.

Playstation has always dominated Europe, so focusing on it more than E3 seems like the right thing to do. I just hope they leaned from the mistakes of this past E3 and give us a better conference.

Let all the 1st party devs show their games.
Enough Silence already!

TheRedButterfly1600d ago

The first-party devs /did/ show their games... All 3 of them.

chrismichaels041599d ago

All of Sonys European studios were MIA from Sonys E3 conference and we know they are all currently working on new games. I expect to see Sonys European teams like Guerilla Games, Media Molecule and Evolution make announcements at Gamescom. It makes perfect sense: Sonys American studios at E3, Sonys European studios at Gamescom and Sonys Japanese studios at the Tokyo Game Show.

Spotie1599d ago

@redbutterfly: I struggle not to call people like you names when I read your comments.

Remind us all of how many first party devs Sony has. Oh, and while you're at it, note the ones with multiple teams. Then recognize that they're ALL working on PS4 games, and realize just how stupid your comment was.

I won't hold my breath on your realizing it any time soon, though.

avengers19781599d ago

Red butterfly you do know Sony has more than 20 first party studios right, many with 2 or more teams, all working on PS4 games. So after showing 4 maybe 5 games at E3 that's all of them SMH

uptownsoul1599d ago

@TheRedButterfly Here are all the confirmed Playstation games that are being worked on:
Natural Doctorine, LBP3, DriveClub, Guilty Gear Xrd, Samurai Warriors 4, SingStar, and Infamous: First Light (which is a stand alone game, separate from 2nd Son)

PS4 has Uncharted 4, BloodBourne, The Order, Gran Turismo 7 ( http://www.ecumenicalnews.c... ), Sony Bend's game ( ), Guerrilla's game ( ), Sony Santa Monica's game ( ), Sony London's game ( Quantic Dream's game ( Naughty Dog's game (
), Media Molecule's game (
Uncharted 4, Bloodborne, The Order, Gran Turismo 7, Sony Bend's CONFIRMED game, Guerrilla's CONFIRMED game, Sony Santa Monica's CONFIRMED game, Sony London's CONFIRMED game, Quantic Dream's CONFIRMED game, Naughty Dog's CONFIRMED game, Media Molecule's CONFIRMED game… \

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lelo1600d ago

"Sony Ranks Gamescom As High As E3, No Plans To Change PS4's Sub Account Functionality"

And that's why Sony sells way more consoles in Europe then Microsoft or Nintendo.
Microsoft and Nintendo completely ignore Europe.

SolidStoner1600d ago

who ignore Europe? Im 100% sure that MS support Europe better then SONY, they just lack quality, popularity and games here.. I have proof.. SONY dont support Europe like they should do.. I have ps3 from 2007 and I still dont have legal rights to buy games in PSN or even register my country.. I live in Europe, Latvia (Baltics).. and thats only one example, SONY support only big or rich countries.. deal with that.. sadly I prefer sony and have to suffer for no reason.. I dont even need my language, I wish I could use my real country flag and just use my real credit card! :(

SolidStoner1600d ago

sadly same story goes for PS4.. at least they announced in 2013 that PS4 will be officially released in Baltics Q2014 (and other countries) Im hoping they will at least support all Europe not only half of it.. I dont even want to mention rest of the world, feel sad for them!

GribbleGrunger1600d ago

I get your sentiment but your conclusion it completely wrong.

DonMingos1600d ago

Portugal is not a rich country and we have great sony support here

calis1599d ago

Is anyone in Europe rich anymore? Aside from Germany.

AndrewLB1599d ago

Calis- That's the downfall of socialism. At some point you eventually run out of other people's money.

extermin8or1599d ago

@CALis- UK is despite all our moaning about just how wealthy weare having decreased... (surprising how few people seem to understand the meanng of "recession"-recently te the labour party seem to have forgotten what it mean aswell...or they are pretending to.

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MightyNoX1600d ago

It already has, in my opinion.

Dark111600d ago (Edited 1600d ago )

"Sony Ranks Gamescom As High As E3,"

yet last year conference was average..what did sony reveal last year outside of indies?

supraking9511600d ago

They revealed RIME, a game MS said they regret passing over. Also Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, something thats looking amazing graphically.

DigitalRaptor1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

"Outside of indies"

When the best of the indies they showed last year included Shadow of the Beast, Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, RiME and Helldivers, I don't know why you're acting like that's bad. Those are not your average indie games.

Notice… Sony's not even referring to last year's GamesCom. It's the upcoming one, and don't be surprised to see Eurodevs: Media Molecule, Guerrilla and Quantic Dream on the stage next to the "AAA" indies.


@ TheRedButterfly

As much as you'd love to consider that video as ammo in your troll posts, I found it quite funny. At the end of the day, it shows Sony's dedication to games and developers.

pwnsause_returns1600d ago

the industry has evolved, there are developers making games all over the world, most importantly the EU. I mean, just look at the amount of devs that sony owns in the EU alone. SO of course its important. Not to mention gaming is getting bigger over there.

there have been a bunch of us that where dissapointed at E3 cause of the lack of info from those devs, but when you think about it, wouldnt it make sense for them to unveal their games on their home turf?

Evilsnuggle1600d ago (Edited 1600d ago )

Playstation is bigger worldwide brand than xbox . Last gen xbox over took Playstation as a brand in the us . But not worldwide playstation is doing great in the us but it doing amazing in europe. Playstation is out selling xbox in the usa but it's out selling almost 2 to 1 in the u.k. and 4 to 1 in europe . Thats really important because 360 out sold PS3 in the u.k and 360 is the best selling console of all times in the u.k. So as a market europe is more important than the usa because SONY has a bigger market and it should get more attention . Playstion still has its work cut out for it in the usa . But europe will win the console war for SONY sales wise PS4 needs more of a online attention to dominant xbox in the usa more online exclusive and first party online exclusive games hopefully SONY realise the important of dedicated servers to online muiltplayer gamers a huge amount of usa gamers . microsoft is pushing dedicated servers for its first party games hopefully SONY realise dedicated servers importants for their first party games .

Flamingweazel1599d ago

@redbutterfly....Why even bother making a moronic comment like you just did??? It is easy to google and see Sony has near 20 large first party studios...several with multiple teams working on PS4 games...Unlike MS who cannot match the sheep quality of teams like NAughty Dog Guerillca, Sony santa Momnica, PD, Sony Londos, Bend, Sony Japan, and on and on.

Look at SM e3......mainly third party exclusives or games that are 2016 or later like crackdown (Which is a below avg franchise)

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Mikelarry1600d ago (Edited 1600d ago )

"No Plans To Change PS4's Sub Account Functionality". i really hope this is not true, i sometimes don't get sony and the way they think, the ability to change your name and upgrade your account from sub to master should be on their priority list as features to be released on the ps4

ipach1600d ago

this opinion is truth, in my opinion.

user14394141600d ago

Your opinion of his opinion is also my opinion.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1600d ago

wait they were rank high during E3!? Ha! Must had missed something because clearly there wasn't enough buzz from them.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1600d ago (Edited 1600d ago )

like what?
Their press conference wasn't that good or bad it was average. So what did I missed?

So you just gonna disagree then folks huh
I guess I didn't missed anything then if you gonna stay tight lipped.

DeadlyOreo1600d ago

Oh god. This guy again. OtakuDJK1NG must be the new guy on the block, a try hard fanboy. You know there's no hope for him when he's already worse than the likes of Truefan1.

Letthewookiewin1600d ago

Given the mere knowledge of Bloodbornes existsnce... Won the whole dam thing.

MysticStrummer1600d ago

I think you mean you must have ignored something.

user74029311600d ago

interesting, a subtle hint as to what to expect from gamescom from sony.

Kayant1600d ago

"Industry insider Tidux who was spot on about his predictions about an Uncharted 4 teaser trailer and several firmware announcements" - I don't even.... Never change gaming media... Never change. Thank you again for stating the obvious again Tidux your insider knowledge truly knows no bounds /s

gameseveryday1600d ago (Edited 1600d ago )

I am not trying to defend Tidux but he actually revealed that teaser will be set in a tropical setting. No one know knew at that time except him :)

LieutenantDan1600d ago

Well I think it was safe to assume it would be a tropical setting due to the teaser given out on the ps4 launch day. I would like to think at least one of these insiders are real but I think people have gone mad trusting them all.

Kayant1599d ago


Good point there I agree but let's say it was legit anyways and the FW features around launch although looking back the way the info was revealed don't put confidence that his info was solid. Also the info on when the interface will be shown was completely off. The date by about a month and where it was showed was wrong but plans change so let's say they did.

Apart from that all his stuff after have been based on what has been said by Sony or have been just wrong. e.g GG, thatgamecompany at E3, TF up on PS4( Just vague and pointless info without context on much meaning), iirc firmware 1.7.1 release date. All his recent info has been either guesses or iteration of what Sony have said already. His recent track record should be more important in the same light like thuway and peteDodd past are not taken into account. Past means nothing if info is not consistent most of the time.

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