Xbox One vs PS4: How Microsoft's Console is Getting Better and Better Than Sony's

Back in November 2013, Sony and Microsoft launched their respective next-gen gaming consoles, the PS4 and the Xbox One. Even though Sony's console has always had a strong lead over Microsoft's console in terms of sales numbers, the Xbox One is actually better than the PS4 in one aspect: Updates.

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Ezz20131117d ago

give it a rest already
it's up to gamers to vote with their wallet‬‏

user74029311117d ago (Edited 1117d ago )

some people cant handle the truth...its like saying my honda civic is better than your chevy corvette because we get cupholders sooner.

ofcorse they dont want to talk real specs. so they desperetly latch on to any argument they can think of. and choose to boast easily upgradeable things.

randomass1711117d ago

Saying which console you like most is not an objective truth, it's a subjective opinion.

Kingthrash3601117d ago

A software company pumping out software faster.
A hardware company making stronger hardware.
The difference will be added overtime on both systems. In a few years...much like ps360 era... They will both have similer software apps and features...
BUT hardware...the meat of consoles...will never change. That gap will never close no matter how you spin it.
Cold. Hard. Truth.

strangeaeon1117d ago

Another dumb car analogy, and one that hardly represents an accurate difference in power at that.

danny8181117d ago

thats the most idiodic analogy i have every read. Anyone who read you comment is now dumber. May god have mercy on your soul

DeadRabbits1117d ago Show
XB1_PS41117d ago


While what you say sounds good in theory.

In practice, Sony didn't get party chat on PS3. They said they would.

tbone5671117d ago

Xbox One is better than the PS4. It has more features, better online infrastructure. More Apps. But most importantly. More games and more exclusives.

BTBuck11117d ago

must've had a lot of butthurt Honda Civic owners read this lol

jcnba281117d ago

By that logic then the Dreamcast was better than the PS1.

Evilsnuggle1117d ago (Edited 1117d ago )

tbone567 @ TRUE delusion fan@

I personal don't give a rats a$$ about apps . This xbonefanboys fantasies that xbone has the supremacy in online is the dumbesst thing in the world . Now microsoft and SONY are internet IP providers and control internet speed and connections . WOW all this time I thought that was control by the internet IP provides . You xbonefanboy need to stop believing in fantasies microsoft nor SONY as control of our internet speed or connections or stability or dropping of your connections its your IP provides . I don't game for apps but I do want the best and highest frame rates and highest resolutions for my gaming experiences not the best media centers the best gaming system experience PS4 .

as a owner of OG XBOX 360 and PS3 . PS3 has party chat but not party chat in defiant games because PS3 like X1 lacks unified memory and in some ways inferior to 360 and PS4 in design .

Boody-Bandit1117d ago (Edited 1117d ago )

The apps and updates arrived! OMG I'm late to the game. Where are the reviews and ratings? I'm not finding any information on google. What do you guys think about them? Must buy or should I rent them first? /s

On topic:
Seriously. This again?
I buy gaming consoles to play games, period, full stop. I could give a toss about the dashboard, apps or features that have nothing to do with gaming. I have smart phones, smart TVs, tablets, smart receivers, laptops, PC gaming rig, and various other devices for anything not gaming related.

Sony has the bang for the buck advantage having hardware that out performs it's competitors in the home console gaming market. They also offer more bang for the buck with their online service (PS+) as well.

Sony did monthly updates last gen and all we heard is banter. MS does it this generation and it's a good thing. You just got to love the whole "it only doesn't matter until it does" mentality / hypocrisy.

ABizzel11117d ago

I personally enjoy consistency, and I think it's great that the XBO has monthly updates offering more features and improved functionality.

But the one thing I don't get is that when Sony was doing this with the PS3, it was a huge problem and people were trolling and complaining about the PS3 always updating and improving stability.

An update is never a bad thing (unless it crashes your console). Improved stability is something you should always want, because when you really want to game, and you keep crashing from an error, you're not going to be happy so just take the 5 - 10 minute update and be good. At least that's how I felt with the PS3.

As of today, I do feel as if Sony's moving a bit slow, and in comparison to MS they're moving really slow. But when you look at it from another perspective MS has to try harder, because they're losing the sales race right now, so any advantage helps.

Meanwhile Sony is trying to launch PSNow at the same time they're trying to get all this together. Their next major update has already been pretty much confirmed to be launching in August, so these articles are completely pointless knowing there is about to be an update. It's complaining for the sake of complaining.

donthate1117d ago (Edited 1117d ago )

Have you heard of the term "software drives hardware"?

It means that no matter how awesome your hardware is, if it isn't made to be taken advantage of in software it is meaningless. A perfect example of this is how the original PS3 lacked party chat and cross game chat despite having more powerful hardware and an operating system that took 50% more memory resources than Xbox 360. Yup the hardware was more powerful on PS3, but lacked shared memory pool that gave the Xbox 360 an edge.

So hardware is at best only half the value. The other half is the evolving software!


People were complaining on the PS3 (me included) due to a variety of issues including annoying updates when I wanted to play with seemingly completely featureless (stability only...) or features I don't use updates. Sometimes the download speed would be atrocious, and the update eats up 20 mins of my 40 minute play time.

In fact on the Xbox 360, if you had a game update you could update the game while the game is running. You didn't even have to restart the game!

With the new generation of consoles, I don't remember actually waiting for an update. It does it in the background, and the features upgrades have been pretty substantial.

I just turn on my Xbox One, and suddenly I have new features and I can play immediately.

Also, one big update coming isn't a trend changing event. It is something that is long overdue, and hopefully frequent feature laden updates on the PS4 is something that will continue.

ocelot071117d ago

@danny818 Everyone who has watched Billy Madison including my self is dumber permanently.

DragonKnight1117d ago

@Kingthrash360: "BUT hardware...the meat of consoles...will never change. That gap will never close no matter how you spin it.
Cold. Hard. Truth."

Here's some actual cold hard truth with no spin attached to it.

No it won't. The only way the gap closes is if Sony twiddles their thumbs and never improves the PS4's abilities while just letting MS improve the Xbox One's abilities.

Sorry to say, the Xbox One and the PS4 will never be on equal terms because the PS4 is built better than the Xbox One. That isn't subjective opinion, that's observed fact. No matter what SDKs or APIs or "magical cloud technology" that the Xbox One needs to use to catch up to the PS4, the fact remains that the PS4 out of the gate is more powerful than the Xbox One and will have it's own SDKs, APIs, and other tricks to stay ahead.

To believe otherwise is to show naivety and ignorance.

DragonKnight1117d ago

@YouAreASecondaryAccount: The term "Software drives Hardware" in this case refers to games, not apps. No one buys consoles for the apps, they buy them for the games. Sony has the advantage over Microsoft in the games department because not only does Sony have more, and more talented, first party developers, they also are willing to take the biggest risks to get the most unique and best games on their console and always have been.

Everything you mentioned as having a problem with on the PS3 didn't stop the PS3 from outselling the Xbox One globally every year (except arguably 2011) and also didn't stop the PS3 from surpassing the Xbox 360, so the saying you brought up has worked against your point, not for it.

Why o why1117d ago

C'mon abizzle.... remember 'exclusives dont matter'

'multiplat superiority' mattered,

Ps plus wasn't anything special.

Its all about teh sales especially in NA.

Headstart didn't matter.

Some of these guys flip flop like nobody's business.

In regards to the x1 improving...... undeniable but to say its getting better is a bit premature. I mean if ms fall off like they did last gen then the early years were futile. I do suspect ms will do better in terms of core game output but they are definitely playing catch up in that regards. They've never been consistent throughout any gen they've been involed in thus far. Sony have that experience and its a part of their ethos. Lets not forget that ms started last gen hot and a lot better than they ended it. Some people won't be fooled again.

Shaaunyb1117d ago


Sorry this is really bugging me

When you say "Internet IP Provider" you are saying Internet Internet Provider Provider

Use ISP or Internet Service Provider

4Sh0w1117d ago (Edited 1117d ago )

Why o Why it always fascinates me how although well intended how greatly well meaning people opinions differ from my own.

You note that Microsoft hasn't been consistent speaking to their hot start last gen but not remaining consistent, which I partially agree with but you also conveniently overlook how slow sony has been the last 2 gens to get those great exclusives out, they have a good game in inFamous SS for sure buy on the whole I think even most normal ps fans find the lineup for this whole year lacking. This gen in particular other than the hardware sales numbers from Sony things have been pretty slow, I mean expected updates for features found on ps3 and delivering great games like they did in the last few years leading up to this gen sony has been surprisingly quiet.

It's foolish to expect every game to be Uncharted2 or TLOU quality from sony but I considering that "sony ethos" you speak most people would think that ps4 isn't quite living up to its *consistent offering of high quality exclusives, from the start, we could both speculate on reasons for micros blunders, 180's= poor leadership, or speculate why sony has shifted to a indie focus= perhaps poor financial status imo but in reality it just seems to me like both companies experience highs and lows. We just make each situation out to be more than it is and of course preference causes some to remember things more favorably toward their choice brand.

Fortunately as you allude to things change and we can only hope that micro is indeed more invested in what made them= core games and online investment without trailing off with a casual focus and sonys financials won't affect their "ethos" so that they can not only crank out the kinds of games expected from them but also do it consistently without ps4 gamers having to wait too long before they deliver.

LamerTamer1117d ago (Edited 1117d ago )


"Have you heard of the term "software drives hardware"?

Yes you are right, and Sony wins. This is because the primary software used on game consoles AKA "games" are better on the PS4. Multiplats run better, exclusives look better.

This is why the PS4 sells better than xbone, because the better game "software" is driving sales of the better gaming "hardware".

t-hall7851117d ago

Sad but true. Sony is getting arrogant again. It's like they can't help it. As soon as they get a leg up on the competition they use it to brag and boast instead of use that momentum for the good. It's cool though. Microsoft is hungry. The new "Rocky" themed ad perfectly exemplifies where they're at right now.

Wizard_King1117d ago (Edited 1117d ago )

This just in!

software updates make up for XB1 being an under powered weak piece of c***


nope still crap. All these updates are is an attempt to fix the broken and half finished console they rushed out the door to beat Sony with. It shows and it didn't work at beating Sony and it's not fixing the glaring issues with the console now IE; inability to push 1080p.

PC>PS4>>>WiiU> XB1

AND I MEAN THAT, the WiiU at this point is a better console than the XB1, it beats it for games 4:1 and has near the same performance with less MS BS. XB1 bleeds you for more $ whilst giving you less, at least the WiiU doesn't bleed gamers for playing. The Kinect is now dead in the water and will see little to zero future development. Mean while the WiiU's gamepad/screen is an actual innovative control system that has potential to be a part of great games.

UltraNova1117d ago

Well I for one would be very surprised if MS the biggest software giant in the world and their 100,000 software oriented employees didn't release software updates all the time.

Actually I’m a bit disappointed that MS doesn’t release a major update every week considering their…considerable…assets…

Seriously, game consoles are for games enough with the bullshit.

Why o why1117d ago (Edited 1117d ago )


'it always fascinates me how although well intended how greatly well meaning people opinions differ from my own.'....lmao...tell me about it

Ok, it could be argued the slow start that you've mentioned could be attributed to the ps3 releasing one whole year after the 360 so in comparison to the the console in its second year, the offerings seems scarce.

I would also like to state that there wasn't just a mirrored reversal in output. Sonys 'slow start' was nothing like ms's 3 year fall off or focus switch. By ethos I mean quality, quantity, variety and consistency. Sony took more risks despite being financially weaker than microsoft. More new ips, more games released with less time on the market, of course sony couldn't meet every parameter every time but they kept pumping and churning internally.

I do honestly believe that because of their dodgy end of last gen and subsequent bodged start to this one, ms will do better. I say this because they do not have the same advantages of last gen: Overall media backing, year/year+ headstart, cheaper price point, perceived/actual multiplat superiority, xbl superiority. Ms will have no option but to fight with games, games, services and more games. Wounded animal mentality. Will they be consistent with it.......time will tell but I believe as long as they're behind they will do better than their minimalistic ethos they practiced last gen.

b00mFargl31117d ago

Specs and hardware don't make a better system, but it adds a whole lot to the end result of a console. The functionality of each system offers different benefits and opportunities in different ways. Sony makes an amazing system built on power and exceptional first part studios, I would be lying if I said otherwise. Microsoft makes an amazing system that NOW is being advanced by the community for the community and has an awesome line up of IP's that have been a solid part of the gaming culture. For me all I see now is a win win and 2 systems that don't feel the same, but made more for us (slowly but surely) than we have had the luxury in the past. Lover them of hate them, but know each isn't going anywhere and neither will they sway the empty minds of the fanboys.

Tapewurm1116d ago (Edited 1116d ago )

@ jcnba28

The Dreamcast was way better than PS1... a lot more powerful, better looking games, and a highly underrated console....was also more powerful than the PS2....Sega just didn't have the foresight to use the DVD format at the time and the controllers...even though had some really cool features... like the screen on the controller to call plays on NFL2k while playing on the couch with a friend was genius and the non-battery powered rumble pack was nice.... the controllers were very uncomfortable though...Sega didn't have the cash to support it either..... but the power difference between the ps1 and dreamcast is on scale to the difference in power between the xbone and PS4 8)

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truefan11117d ago (Edited 1117d ago )

Does that same logic apply to EA Access?

On Topic: MSFT, is cranking out amazing updates and the XB1 is the center of my living room, with great games and great features. It has been Non-Stop good news for the XB1 since like February and it just keeps getting better. Anyone expects an overhaul of changes for ps4 is misguided.

Majin-vegeta1117d ago

Anyone expects an overhaul of changes for ps4 is misguided.

The only misguided person here is you.If you think PS4 wont change over time.Keep on dreaming fanboy.

PrinterMan1117d ago

Perhaps because the PS4 does not need it? Just Sayin'.

skoorydook1117d ago

What's it doing in the centre of the room mate, wouldn't it be much more sensible to have it in an entertainment unit for instance ?

Must be a terrible trip hazard in the centre of the room and I'm sure I can speak for everyone when I say it would a real shame if you done your self a mischief

Ballsack1117d ago (Edited 1117d ago )

Misguided says the misguided one... Didn't ps4 just get blu-ray 3d support? Isnt there more updates on the way?

Why do you rampant fanboys think only xbox will get updates while sony will just stand still?.. .remember your the same fanboy who said titanfall will push the xbox past the ps4 then you laid everything on the line with the kinectless sku and again you was humiliated and disappeared for three really your points are as worthless as your predictions

And lets not forget the biggest unique feature for xbox one is kinect and that has been dropped...its basically a doorstop for all the lack of dev support it will now recieve

Ps4 will evolve as will the xbox just take too f***ing long implementing features which is annoying

Kingthrash3601117d ago

What's funny...what if....Sony puts all EA games at 15% off at the same time this ea service launches. Then what? Lol. And I think y'all missing one order to play these games you need gold. So that's 50$ plus 30$ a year to get a few free ea games? OK. When plus offers multiple games for multiple systems a up to 75% off games for just 50$? Man do the math. EA isn't the best devs out there..