SDCC 2014 | The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Exclusive Gameplay | TGF

CD Projekt Red opened their SDCC 2014 Panel with the announcement of a roughly 30-minute live demonstration of brand new gameplay.

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REDBEARD1453d ago

This game looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I think I will enjoy this more than I did Skyrim, hate to say it.

AndrewLB1453d ago

Wait till the modders get to work on this game!

joab7771453d ago

This game seems too good to be true. Seriously, all this work for maybe 16 million consoles...and pc I think. I really hope they make money. They deserve it. This couldnt hav been cheap. for the game itself. I really hope difficulty hasnt been nerfed. I actually thought the witcher 2 was too easy by the end and everyone complained that it was too hard. I also worry about open world. I will be VERY disappointed if it scales like Skyrim. I just hope that everything has a difficulty and if u get ur a $$ handed to u, u get stronger and go back.

Also, I hope there is legitimate endgame content like Dragons Dogma...maybe really hard rare monsters etc. Or dungeons with high end gear. I just dont want this to ever end lol.

Genova841453d ago

When you played TW2, what difficulty did you choose? I'm finding hard to be legitimately hard. I've almost cleared act 1. I may try Dark afterwards.

I have the same fear of the open world as you. Here's hoping they pull it off!